Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WW / Easter Babies

The cousins, all in matching yellow seersucker, on Easter!

Sam (on the left) is exactly three weeks younger than Landon. He and Macy are my niece and nephew. Let me tell you, I am surprised this little photo shoot went so well! Both babies are rarely happy and awake at the same time, so picture opportunities are rare. Those first few weeks with both of them it seemed like someone was always crying, eating, sleeping, or having a diaper changed, and we could never get them all together for a good picture. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the little guys to look at the camera…oh well. What can ya do?

DSC_0234 copy

DSC_0256 copy

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh what a sweet picture!! Love it♥

  2. such a sweet picture and love that they have matching outfits!! SO cute!!!

  3. so sweet, love the title and style of your blog!

  4. Beautiful children. My heart melts with yellow seersucker, perfection!

  5. These pictures are so incredibly sweet. I love their outfits.

  6. Well, I just think that is totally precious and speaks volumes about the stage each child is currently in. I love that your niece is smiling so big. If it was a boy that age he would probably be climbing off the couch :)


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