Tuesday, May 8, 2012

tummy time

I hope y’all aren’t tired of seeing pictures of the baby that has just taken over my world :)
And just in case you are, here’s a few more.

4mo Onesie (21)

I honestly can say that I’ve enjoyed every single stage so far of Landon’s growth. Yes, I enjoyed those crazy days and sleepless nights. I continually tried to remind myself that he would only be a newborn for a short time, and that as much as I disliked those times when I was going through them, I knew I would miss those intimate moments in the middle of the night, or the snuggles after he cried for what seemed like eternity. They were precious, sweet, crazy, exhausting days.

This 4-5 month stage is quite possibly my favorite so far. I think by now we have all gotten into a groove of what our new life is like with Landon in it. Landon is more predictable, more playful, and more interactive than before- which is so fun to watch. He is just, easier. John and I aren’t so in shock of what life with a baby is like. The newness has worn off, and we have settled into our life as a family of three quite nicely if I do say so myself. Let me say also, I find myself biting my tongue when I mention the word “easy” when referring to Landon for fear of jinxing it! He really is a great baby- happy, relaxed, eats well, sleeps well, poops too well. What more could you ask for?

4mo Onesie (23)

One thing we DID struggle with is tummy time. I really haven’t heard of many babies that do enjoy tummy time…so that made me feel better. For the first 3-4 months, when we laid Landon on his tummy he just screamed and laid there like a limp noodle. He refused to even TRY to lift his head. I thought he would never get it. Which meant he’d never crawl, or walk. He’d just live life laying on the floor. Right? Hehe.

4mo Onesie (31)

Over the past couple weeks he has decided tummy time might not be so bad. It really seemed like overnight he decided “Hey, maybe I should try lifting this noggin of mine and look around.” And my heart has never been so proud. I cannot imagine what I will feel like when he has other accomplishments in his life that are far bigger than lifting his head. My heart aches with joy when I watch him learn something new, or do something he didn’t do yesterday. I know it will be ten times more exciting when he goes off to school, hits his first home run, graduates, or gets married. It is a fullness that only motherhood could give. The phrase “my cup runneth over” comes to mind. With Landon, my cup is overflowing. It is so so sweet.

4mo Onesie (27)

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  1. These photos are just precious. And no worries, Jackson hated tummy time like no other baby haha.

  2. Gorgeous pictures!! My twins weren't fans of tummy time either!!


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