Tuesday, May 15, 2012

wordless wednesday / feetsies

Short and sweet this week. Things have been busy busy in our home lately and I haven’t had a lot of time to post, but I did want to share these shots I got tonight while we were winding down with Landon. I love his bedtime routine, and after a long twelve hour shift, walking in the door to put my little boy to bed is the best thing in the world. He loves to cuddle for a few minutes before we put him in his crib for the night, and I will never object to cuddle time with my baby! Tonight, John was on “bedtime duty” while I packed for our trip this weekend to Charleston, SC. I love these little barefeet- there is just nothing better!


DSC_0458 copy

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. how gorgeous. I need to get my camera out and take photos of my little mans feet :) x

  2. Anything "baby" is inspirational!


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