Friday, June 15, 2012

just keep swimming!

One of my favorite things growing up was going to the pool. My mom and dad joined a pool when I was really young, and each summer we practically lived at the pool. Each day we’d wake up, pack our snacks and towels and head to the pool to spend the entire day hanging out with friends and swimming. I always thought it was the best thing, and have always been a pretty strong swimmer. I used to think we went to the pool so my sister and I would have fun- but now I realize just how exhausting a day at the pool can be. I have since figured out that summer pool memberships are soley ways to wear your youngins out so they sleep well and behave! Just kidding…kind of.


In high school I was a lifeguard and also got to teach swim lessons to kids, so it has always been important to me that my kids feel comfortable around the water and become strong swimmers. Obviously Landon won’t be joining the swim team this summer…but we are still enjoying introducing him to the water and taking him to the pool on a hot day.

DSC_0126DSC_0138DSC_0147 copy


DSC_0149 copy



He enjoyed it and hopefully by the end of the summer he’ll be splish-splashing around like its nobody’s business! And it worked…he passed out in the car on the way home without a making a peep, and slept soundly through the night. We might be on to something!


Happy Summer!

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