Monday, June 18, 2012

Landon/Six Months

Well little man, you are officially six months old. I might cry all day today, so bare with me. Each month has amazed me how quickly they have passed but this six month mark, it makes my heart ache. Is your first year already half over? I feel like we just brought you home last month. You are so fun, and such a happy boy- and I just want to keep you like this forever; sweet, innocent, and happy.

DSC_0043 copy1

At six months old you weigh right at 16 pounds. We don’t take you to the doctor this month but we did our own little measurement at home.

You wear 6 month onesies, and this week I have washed and folded the 9 month onesies for you to have a little grow room, you can wear both sizes right now. You are almost wearing your 3-6mo shorts in most brands, and size 3 diapers as of this week.

DSC_0072 copy2

You are rolling like it is nobody’s business. I put you on your playmat, turn around for two seconds, and you are two feet off the mat. You think it is hysterical and are so proud of yourself.

We successfully weaned you from your swaddle- yay!

You sleep from 8:30-5, eat, and go back to sleep until 7:30 or 8.

DSC_0028 copy1

You are eating 6-7 oz every 4 hours.

You tried solids…kind of. You wouldn’t open your mouth, so does that really count as trying? We’ll keep working on it.

We celebrated Fathers Day, a wedding, and a bridal shower.

DSC_0054 copy1

We traveled to Charleston, SC.

Your favorite things are Sophie the giraffe, playing with your teething rings, and going on stroller rides.

We each spent our first night away from you…Daddy went fishing for a weekend while I kept you, and I went to Greenville for Aunt Becky’s bridal portraits while you stayed with daddy. We didn’t realize how hard it would be to stay away from you!

DSC_0059 copy1

You are grabbing at everything, VERY interested in your environment!

And story of our life…Still no teeth, seriously? I really thought we’d have one by now. You are the drooliest baby ever!


DSC_0013 copy1

We love you so much sweet boy and are so thankful for the blessing that you are in our lives. These first six months have been so precious and wonderful!


Mommy and Daddy


  1. Omgoodness, these pictures are absolutely precious!!!!!

  2. So precious, love the light and black processing!


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