Monday, August 20, 2012

Landon–Eight Months

Happy eight months baby boy!

DSC_0713 copy

DSC_1060C copy

This month..I have no idea what you weigh or how long you are, since we don’t take you to the doctor this month.

You are wearing mostly nine month onesies, I'm trying squeeze a few more days out of your six month onesies but I think its time to retire them. You wear six month shorts and nine month rompers. My growing boy!

You are in size three diapers.

DSC_1023 copy

You have taken more of an interest in our dog, Josie. You laugh at her and try to crawl over and pet her. She, however, is not as interested in you. She is really gentle and sweet with you though, which we love watching.

You are really enjoying solid foods, and I have been making most of your food. Your favorites are sweet potatoes and apples. You aren’t as fond of green beans. You love the Gerber puffs, only in sweet potato flavor. Any other flavor you spit out! They are the only “finger food” you are eating. I have tried putting green beans in front of you and you just look them like “What the heck are these, Mom?”.

DSC_1067 copy

We vacationed to Ocracoke, and while you were really curious and interested in the sand. You weren’t so interested in the waves. You traveled really well and were pretty content most of the time in the car on the way there and back.

DSC_0636 copy

You are army crawling like a champ…but will not lift that belly up off the floor yet! You are so fast though, and constantly on the move.

Your favorite toys are your exersaucer, and anything BUT your other toys. You play with the cell phones, magazines, wipes package, and Josie’s dog toys. Everything mommy doesn’t want you to play with!

DSC_0955 copy

You understand when you aren’t supposed to do something, but grin, and go for it anyways. Like going near the cable box. Thats your favorite. :)

You are babbling like crazy, and love to hear yourself talk. You clearly say sounds like “babababa” and “guh-guh-guh” and are making all kinds of other weird noises.  No dada, or mama yet. You also think its really funny to scream for no reason…oh dear.

DSC_0908 copy

You kind of understand how to wave at someone, and it is SO so cute to watch you wave your little wrist in the air.

DSC_1083 copy

We love you, Landon, and are so thankful for the blessing that you are in our lives!


  1. Beautiful photos!! Happy 8 months to Landon!

  2. Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by from the Mrstomama link up. Loved reading your blog, and I am in awe of your photography! Doesn't hurt that your subject is super cute :) looking forward to reading more!

  3. What a cutie pie you have! I love all the pics and that little romper is too cute!


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