Tuesday, September 11, 2012

eleven years later.

It is nine o’clock at night here. As the day is winding down, the eleventh anniversary of September 11, 2001 is passing. With each year, I still find it hard to believe that our nation ever experienced such a horrific day. Today, I woke up and went about my normal routine. Except today when I saw planes in the sky, I remembered. When I saw fire trucks passing by, I remembered. And when I saw school busses full of kids coming home from school, I remembered.

We all have our story about that day and where we were or how it affected us. I was fourteen (hence the reason the school buses made me remember). I was sitting in Mr. Bruton’s ninth grade biology class. A kid named Jordan, who was typically the class clown had left the classroom for some reason. When he returned he was panicked and kept saying “We’ve been attacked!". At first, no one believed him because he would be the kid to fabricate such a story. Shortly after the bell rang for us to leave and go to lunch, which is when we saw it. The televisions in the cafeteria showed the live footage. We all sat there in perfect silence, watching. We went home and spent all afternoon by the television watching and rewatching, in complete disbelief.

A couple years ago John and I took a trip to New York City. We spent a lot of time touring Ground Zero and the memorials that have been made honoring those who lost their lives that day. It shook me to my core. In particular was St Paul’s Chapel, the church that became the headquarters during the relief efforts. I thought I’d show a few pictures from our time there. If you’ve never been, go. It will affect you in a way you won’t expect.


Badges representing the police and fireman from all over the country that came to help.

My dad has always told me exactly where he was when he heard the news that JFK was assassinated.
Now looking at Landon, I realize that one day when he studies this day in school, I will tell him my story of where I was.

We will never forget. 9/11/01.

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