Monday, September 17, 2012

Landon / Nine Months

Nine whole months, little monkey.

I have been seriously slacking on the picture taking this month and now realize that, but here are some that I managed to get of you this month.


This month you started pulling up on everything, you love to stand up! You can take a few side steps, but aren’t quite cruising. You get frustrated when you can’t reach something you want to.

You are wearing 6 month shorts, 9 month onesies, and size 3 diapers. We take you to the doctor next week for your 9 month check up to see your length and weight.

You are eating three solid food “meals” a day now in addition to your regular bottles. You eat well, but are really struggling with finger foods. I have figured out if it is a dry food like bread or puffs, you will pick it up. But if it is slimy like a banana or blueberry, you don’t like touching it as well.


You can’t quite get the hang of a sippy cup either…which shouldn’t be surprising as it took you almost two months to finally accept a regular bottle.

You love being tickled…and your laugh is so infectious.

You love bath time as always.


You understand the word ‘no’ and proceed to do exactly what you please anyways- stubborn head.

You love cars, books, and anything else you can get your hands on.

You really really love Josie, and sit at the back window watching her outside all the time.

You spent your first night away from home with Grammy and Papa Dave so we could go to the ECU football game. You did better than mommy did :)


We traveled to Southport, NC on a quick weekend trip. You are scared of the ocean. When we walk to the waters edge and the waves crash you start crying. Sand doesn’t seem to bother you though.

You are such a snuggle bug and sometimes are perfectly content to be in our laps just snuggling…which of course we don’t mind.

You can shake your head no (without meaning) and think its hysterical. You will also sometimes make a waving gesture, but usually you just smile at us when we wave at you. You probably think we are crazy.

I love you sweet boy, and am continually amazed at how you have changed my heart and how deep I love you. Happy Ninth Month!


  1. Happy, happy 9 months to sweet Landon!! Oh I loved 9 months!

  2. Oh my goodness!! Adorable!! Growing up sooo fast!


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