Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Landon / Ten Months

In advance, I apologize for the photo overload in this one! We took Landon’s fall pictures, which I shared a few of here, but like any proud mama I can’t resist another opportunity to share this cuteness.


Excuse me if I fall asleep during this post, little monkey, because this month you have flat worn your momma out.




At ten months, you weigh just under 18 lbs and are 27.5 inches long. You are in nine month clothing across the board and size three diapers. I have loved getting your winter clothes together, you look so cute all bundled up and in your plaid shirts and jeans. Such a little man all of the sudden.




You are cruising and crawling and constantly on the go! It seems like one day you were learning how to pull up on things, and the very next you were cruising around like a champ.

You are a great eater, and getting better with self feeding/finger foods. You have learned that you really love grapes, and we have to watch you so you don’t pack your mouth like a little chipmunk. You also will eat anything off of my dinner plate, so you’ve tried all sorts of new foods that way. Your favorites this month have been the tried and true sweet potato, grapes, and any fruit. You used to like zucchini but all of the sudden aren’t so fond of it.



You love books, cars, and your push-car. We ride to get the mail everyday in your little car, and you wave your arms and love it.

You learned to wave, and it is absolutely the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. You melt my heart when you raise your little hand and wave. When you are riding in your stroller you just wave at everyone that walks by.




You have discovered the Tupperware cabinet, and pantry, and I can always count on you to make a mess of the kitchen with those two things. You also discovered the dog bowl…gross.

We went to New Bern, NC to visit Aunt Becky and Uncle Tommy and enjoyed the seafood festival.




You went to two fairs this month- the Dixie Classic, and the State Fair, and loved them both. Your daddy and I love experiencing these things with you, and watching your reactions to the sights and smells.




Each night after I put you to bed, and wander back upstairs to check on you and it just amazes me how you are growing and changing so quickly right before me. You seem so much more like a little boy lately than a  baby, and that just makes my heart ache. Maybe it’s the anticipation of your first birthday, or maybe its that you are developing such a little personality. Whatever it is, it is such a joy to watch and experience. You are my greatest blessing, sweet boy.




My cup overflows.

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  1. These photos are darling! Excited to hear feeding is going better! :)


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