Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Night

There are moments in motherhood that no amount of discussion or birthing class or books can prepare you for. There are moments that just simply steal your breath, hit you in the stomach, put a lump in your throat, or bring you to tears as you watch your sweet baby growing up right before your eyes. There are of course those moments of stress, extreme exhaustion, and frustration. But then there are moments of joy in the most unexpected of places.
Its Friday night, and instead of having grand Friday night plans or relaxing while you play. I am sitting in the kitchen floor. You have a multitude of books, cars, and blocks that you could be playing with while I caught up on my missed Grey’s Anatomy episode. But instead…you choose the pantry. You choose to destroy my once organized pantry, pulling out boxes, bags, and baby food. And I’m okay with that. So here I sit. On the cold kitchen floor, watching you play. It is exactly where I want to be. Because one day, you won’t want to play at home on a Friday night, you’ll be out with your friends, or girlfriend. Tonight you are content with just your mama.
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I want to soak in every ounce of this moment. Every ounce of your baby-ness. Your striped Christmas pajamas, the way your small hands hold onto things, or the way your sweet hair is messy  right now. The love I have for you makes my heart ache in a way I didn’t know was possible.
This is one of those moments. My breath is gone, my stomach feels like its been hit, my throat has a lump, and my eyes on the verge of tears.
Being your mommy is the absolute best thing ever.


  1. I couldn't have said it better. Love this sweet post. :)


  2. This so perfectly describes motherhood right now. Beautiful post!


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