Friday, November 16, 2012

an ecu family

I know I post a lot about us going to ECU games, and traveling to Greenville. And I occasionally go into how big of fans we are and how we met there, but East Carolina really holds a special place in our hearts. You see, not only did I meet my husband there. But my parents met there, John’s parents met there, my sister and her husband met there, and our friends and their husbands met there. I’m not kidding. John lived above my sister’s room in their freshman dorm. I went to visit her one weekend, and met this college guy. Said college guy contacted me when I got home and we quickly became friends. It wasn’t until 3 years later when I went to college that we started hanging out more, and eventually dating, and long story short…here we are, married with a baby. While in school there we were both members of the Student Pirate Club Executive Board, and helped coordinate student/athlete/coach meet and greets, dinners, and other functions. I babysat the coach’s kids for extra money, and John was always around to lend them a helping hand when things got crazy during football season. To say we were connected to the university is an understatement. I consider it home in so many ways, and always will.
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Even before we thought about having children, we would talk about how fun it would be to take our kids one day and walk them on campus showing them where mommy and daddy lived, the “wall” in the center of campus that we would meet at in between classes, the stadium, and the baseball field which all held great memories. Once we had Landon, John really couldn’t wait to share his love of Pirate football with our baby boy and counted down the days to when we could take him to Greenville to cheer on the Pirates with us.
That said day was just a couple weeks ago. ECU was playing Houston, and the stars aligned for us to bring Landon with us. Landon loved it, he played while we enjoyed breakfast at our tailgating spot. When we went into the game he was sleepy, and ended up snoozing the whole first half of the game (what a party pooper!), and sat on our laps during the second half watching all the chaos around him. We were so proud of him, and absolutely loved having him there to share the experience with us. I have no doubt there will be many more games in his future.
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Go Pirates!

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