Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Today I am Thankful



For my husband, and the four years of sweet marriage. That we have made it through the happiest and most difficult moments, and always come out stronger. That he loves me, even though I am stubborn and ridiculous sometimes. And that he is my absolute best friend.

For my son, and the gift of motherhood. The past year has been the most incredible year of my life, and I am so thankful for that.

For my job, and the opportunity I have to be a part of people’s lives during such important moments.

For smart doctors, and fellow nurses who work together as a team.

For chemotherapy, procedures, and modern medicine.

For my own health and my families health.

For new opportunity.

That God is always faithful, and always provides.

For my parents, and all that they have taught me about life love and happiness.

For my sister, that she gets me like no one else in this world, and for that deep rooted bond that no one can really understand but us.

For Thanksgiving, and that it reminds us what is truly important in life.

For two paychecks in this house in a struggling economy.

For photography, and the gift it has truly given me to learn, and capture my sons precious memories.

For coming home each night to my little house, my little family, and a whole lotta love.

For technology that keeps us close despite miles between us.

For my grandparents, and that I am so lucky to still have them in my life.

For cozy blankets, hot apple cider, turkey, pumpkin pie, and sweet potatoes.

For the smells in the house on Thanksgiving.

For North Carolina, and that I can call this great place my home.

For the beach, a place where my soul breathes easier.

For a messy house. Its just “lived in” and means memories are being made instead of cleaning.

For holiday movies and that they will never ever get old.

For coffee. I’m not sure that needs elaboration.

For my faith, and that it is ever growing, and that God is so patient with me as I walk with Him. And that all these blessings are from Him.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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