Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A very sweet birthday…


This week we are busy as ever planning our little guys very first birthday party. But this week also marks another very sweet birthday in my family. December 12, 2012 is the day my grandfather turns ninety years old. The past year has proved to be a very difficult one for my grandfather, and I am realizing how very special it is to have him here this Christmas season, and what a huge milestone #90 really is.

Roughly a year ago, my grandfather went in for quadruple bypass surgery. The doctors warned us that he was a weak old man and he may not survive open heart surgery, but he did. A few months later he continued to have low blood pressure and weakness, and they realized he needed a pacemaker placed. Through all of this he developed dementia, and began having some pretty strong hallucinations, until a month ago, when my mom and her sister made the difficult decision to move him into skilled nursing facility to keep him safe. My heart broke for both my grandfather and my grandmother as they went through that huge transition. He was moving away from the house he built with his own two hands, and she was living alone for the first time in sixty plus years. It was such a difficult transition for them to make.

And here we are, December 2012. Celebrating this miracle man’s 90th birthday.


Happy 90th Dandy!

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  1. What a sweet picture capturing two generations! :)
    Your post reminded me of my own dear grandfather who we miss so much (passed away in August)! He had a new valve put in his heart at 80 and almost didn't make it. From there, he too developed dementia, grandma passed away and he had to be moved to an assisted living. Getting older is no easy feat, is it?!
    I hope you have some happy birthdays this month! :)


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