Monday, December 17, 2012

its looking a little different around these parts


You may notice a few changes going on around here.

Beautiful Within Life has now become Everyday Graces.

I started this sweet little blog over four years ago, and was just time for a change. I’m a different girl then I was then and wanted something that reflected where I am now as a wife, mommy, nurse, and every other title I may hold. 

Thanks to Angie and her amazing talents, my little corner of the blog world got a facelift as a Christmas present! Like what you see? You can check out Angie’s awesome blogger templates over at her Etsy shop, Angie Makes Websites. She has GORGEOUS stuff, and is so great to work with! I cannot thank her enough for her quick and great work.

So… why “everyday graces?”

Well, why not?! I have learned over the past couple years how sweet this little life is that I have, how God blesses me each and everyday with His graces…and I want this blog to be a reflection of that. I want to blog about the small moments, and the big, but recognize that they are all His sweet graces that He gives me each and everyday.

A couple years ago I felt like God was teaching me what it really meant to love…and let me tell you, He rocked my world with that one and taught me more than I ever thought I could. Now…I feel like He’s doing some work in my heart and word that I keep running into is grace.

So there you have it, my little corner of the internet has turned a corner!






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