Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Landon / One. Year. Old.

Please tell me I didn’t just type that as the title to this post. It really cannot be December 18, 2012 yet. Oh sweet boy, how you have changed your momma over the past year- I don’t know that I can summarize it into words at all. You have completely turned my little world upside down since you came into the world. Here we are, celebrating your first birthday, and I am just so incredibly proud to be your momma.

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At twelve months, you weigh 19lbs 6oz and are 29 inches long. You wear mostly 9-12 month clothing, are moving up to size 4 diapers, and size 4 shoes.

Your sleep habits have changed over the past month, and are really much more unpredictable. We still aim for bedtime around 8:30, but sometimes its 9:30 before you are ready to settle down. You also cry when we put you down, where as you used to fall asleep without a peep. You still sleep until 8 or so in the morning thank goodness. Once or twice a week you wake up in the middle of the night, and we bring you in to snuggle. You fall back a sleep within 15 minutes or so and we sneak you back into your crib. While I hate waking up at 3 am, I love the snuggles as you are not much of a snuggle bug any more, there’s always something to do or see or mess with. Your naps are also pretty crazy. Some days you take two shorter naps, some days its one big long nap, some days its only one shorts nap (those days aren’t fun).

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Your favorite foods are cheese toast, chicken, peaches, mandarin oranges, sweet potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. You semi- eat green beans, but they really are the only veggie I can get you to eat besides potatoes. Its a work in progress. I still feed you pureed veggies because you will gobble them up and so its a way to keep some good foods in you. You love the plum organic pouches, which is a good way to get something green in you! You are officially finished with formula (hallelujah!) and doing great with whole milk. We are so so SO happy about that one! You also only use the bottle maybe once a day, and we use sippy cups the rest of the time. You still find those bottles soothing though, so we’ll work on that.

Speaking of soothing…you and that pacifier. Which seems to be your best friend. We’ll have to work on that also.

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And speaking of best friends…you and Josie. You love that dog more than anything and get SO excited when we get home to see her. You crawl after her and pat her and really just love that dog like its nobody’s business. The feeling isn’t that mutual, but Josie is so patient with you and lets you do pretty much whatever you want to her.

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You took your first steps on December 9th. And I’m pretty sure your daddy and I were about to cry like little babies when we watched you. You’re still not great at it, but you have taken up to six steps at a time! Most of the time you stand and wobble and get ready to take the step and then fall down. You’ll get there sweet  boy! We are just waiting on pins and needles to watch you go. :)

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Toy wise- you love your books and walker, you also love any cars or trucks or anything that you can wheel around. One day, you found an ornament on the tree that is a little truck, took it off, and wheeled it around on the floor all afternoon. Recently you also love blocks. You take them in and out of the container and just love making a mess with the blocks. You still love playing in the tupperware cabinet, pantry, and laundry basket and I feel like I am constantly picking up those three things and trying to keep the messes to a minimum. Laundry baskets are a great toy for you…I might just put it under the Christmas tree, its much cheaper than all those nice toys you don’t play with (just kidding..).

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This month you celebrated your first Thanksgiving, went to get your first Christmas tree, and of course, celebrated your first birthday. What a busy holiday season!

You are the sweetest baby in the world, we’ve decided. So happy, all the time, so easy, and so content (I hope you stay like that forever!). We are so blessed to be your parents.

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