Friday, December 28, 2012

Top 12 of 2012

I mean really, how is someone supposed to pick just 12 photos of the year as their favorites? 2012 was my first year as a mommy, and as a photographer, and it is so evident looking back through my photos. The birth of my son gave birth to my passion of photography in so many ways, and I look forward to 2013 and the growth that it will bring. It is amazing to me to look back from when he was born to now and see how my skills have evolved and grown, and I am no where close to where I want to be. I am also so thankful for this hobby, in that it has allowed me to capture some of the most precious moments in that sweet boy’s life. I’m a sucker for documenting and memory keeping EVERYTHING, and this has taken it to the next level. So here they are, in no special order…my top 12 of 2012 of Landon Cole.

1. I was (and still am) obsessed with those sweet baby feet and tooshie. There’s really nothing sweeter to me than Landon’s tiny hands and feet..I hope I never forget how sweet they were.

2.This was the beginning of my journey into photography, its really not the best shot in the world, but I love it still. I love his sweet face and that this was his first time to the beach. We went for a quick weekend to our favorite town of Southport, NC. It was a huge step in parenting to travel with a baby, go to the beach with a baby, etc. But it was so fun- and I loved capturing his first time with his toes in the North Carolina sand. I hope he loves the coast the way his parents do.

3. This is probably one of my all time favorite black and white shots I’ve taken (other than photo number 12 below). We used to spend a lot of time playing on our bed while I folded laundry or attempted to keep my house organized. He has always been so alert, so interested in everything…this captures that. Not to mention those eyes melt my heart.


4. Blue eyes. I always hoped for a blue eyed baby…and there they are. I love when the light hits them just right and I am able to get shots like this.

5. Another all time favorite…I will probably say that about all of these pictures, so prepare yourself. :) We took our first family summer vacation to Ocracoke Island, NC and while the weather wasn’t great most of the week, we did have one spectacular afternoon where I was able to take Landon’s eight month pictures. This shot showed huge growth to me in the composition, lighting, depth of field, etc. I was and still am, so proud of this shot of my little guy. It’s definitely framed in our house.


6. My little fish. We were frequent pool-goers after John got home from work during the summer. While we couldn’t take my fair skinned baby out during the hot summer days, we did go in the evening. Lets just discuss how much Landon loved the water? I cannot wait for next summer to hopefully see him jumping off the ledge and loving it even more. I also love his facial expression in this shot…he loves his daddy so so much. Can we also notice that sweet little belly button poking out? Love.


7. This image is especially special since it was the one we used on his first birthday party invitation! We were just sitting in our front yard enjoying a pretty fall day waiting on John to get home from work. I loved those afternoons, just watching the world go by.


8.  There is an old abandoned lot across the street from where we live and everyday on my way home from work I would think about how it could potentially be a great place for pictures. Boy was I right. Hello bokeh. And hello cutie-patootie winter overall baby!

9. The second shot at that favorite location across the street…That antique wagon is from John’s cousin and I loved it for these winter pictures. I just couldn’t get enough of the lighting in that location and the sweetness of my baby boy.


10. This one is for John, we were out at my favorite location again taking a couple family pictures for our Christmas card, and we managed to get these two to not only be still, but look at the camera at the same time. Talk about luck. That dog is never still…and neither is the baby. This was the day Landon took his first steps. Those two will be inseparable I am sure…there’s just something about a boy and his dog.


11. My birthday boy. Oh how my heart aches that he is already one year old! The red chair was John’s grandfather, so there is sentimental attachment to these pictures.


12. My Christmas baby. With the slew of Christmas light pictures that took over Facebook and Pinterest, I gave it a shot, and my heart melted. It’s so funny I got this ONE shot out of about 30. Landon at first screamed when I set him down with the lights, then after he warmed up to them, I couldn’t keep him still. He also found my camera more fascinating than the lights and would crawl towards the camera rather than sit and look like a little model baby. I love how this one turned out…and really love that little belly even more.

It's amazing to see what this year has brought, and it has been such an incredibly special year for my little family.


  1. I'm trying to pick my top 12 and it's so hard! I love the ones you've chosen. So glad you've shared your story here, I've so enjoyed following along this year. Hope y'all have a wonderful new year weekend!

  2. Absolutely love your last three images! So very sweet :)

  3. These are absolutely stunning images! You certainly are a great photographer. I wish I'd had a decent camera and the photography bug had bitten me when my boy was little. You will always treasure these photos.

  4. I follow you on IG and just found your blog! Yay! Followed ya on Twitter, too. :)

    Your little guy is so cute and you are extremely talented my dear! I can't wait to follow along with you now!



  5. These photos are incredible!

    This is my first time visiting your blog and I read your about me. I want to thank you for being an oncology nurse. My dad became an oncology nurse and 8 weeks later became a patient. I know from personal experience that It takes a very strong person to become an oncology nurse. Thank you for doing what you do.

  6. What beautiful pictures. I love the one of your son and dog! And the overalls. Oh I miss when I could dress my little boy in overalls -- now that he's almost 4 I so rarely get to help decide what he wears.

  7. What wonderful photos- I especially love the ones you took in that location you found, the lighting is amazing and the smile with his winter overalls on is great! I have just randomly found your blog so am looking forward to reading more.



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