Sunday, December 16, 2012

twenty six acts.

Friday afternoon I came home, turned on the television, and sat in disbelief as many of you did while the town of Newtown, CT dealt with unimaginable tragedy. I watched news, and then turned to watch my sweet son playing in the floor, oblivious to what was going on. I just prayed that I could keep him protected and innocent forever, that he will not have to live in a world that knows the terms “mass shooting.”
But he does, and he will, and we will have to have conversations about why things like what happened in Newtown happen. Why six year olds pass away before Santa comes to see them Christmas morning, or why teachers lose their lives defending their students. We will have to have those conversations. What in the world will I tell my children when they ask questions?
I will tell him that I have no idea why that boy chose to hurt all those nice people. I have no idea why he was angry or what upset him enough to do that. But I do know that all those kids and teachers are being loved on by Jesus, and that Jesus loves each and every one of them. Even the gunman. That even though 27 people lost their lives, hundreds were saved and got out of the school to be reunited with their parents. That they were all in the palm of God’s hand, and all safe. Some are just safe in heaven, while others are safe at home. And while we can’t change what happened, we can pray for those that were affected. We can pray for the mommies and daddies that had to say goodbye to their babies far too early, and we can pray for the families of the teachers and principal. We can pray for the nurses and doctors at the hospital where they took the kids, and we can pray for the police that responded to the school. We can also pray for the gunmans family, because they too lost a loved one.
We can also turn this moment of tragedy into twenty six moments of goodness.

26 acts
So in the spirit of Christmas, and in the spirit of Christ…I think this is an amazing way to honor the spirit of those who so innocently died.
Will you join?

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