Sunday, January 27, 2013

watch out ladies

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I mean really.
I’m pretty sure I just got a glimpse of this kid when he’s eighteen and leaving for college.
Stop it. Stop it right now.

Friday, January 25, 2013

when life gives you ice

Our weather forecast today guaranteed a “wintry mix.”

Well, that wintry mix is 100% freezing rain.

Thankfully, I get to leave work at noon and was quickly on my way to get Landon and get home.  I am the biggest weenie in the world when it comes to driving in any kind of weather other than sunny and 80 degrees, so when I saw the sheet of ice that was our driveway, I knew there wasn’t anyway I was attempting it. No, I parked my car, or Lulu as I lovingly refer to her, at the bottom of our hill of a front yard. I grabbed the diaper bag, my bag, and the baby and we made the hike up our front yard to the safety of of our house. Note to self : Dansko nursing shoes don’t make good snow shoes.

Its been disgusting outside today. Its freezing cold, freezing rain, and well…just frozen.

I’m no wintry-mix guru. After all I do live in the great state of North Carolina, and we get excited and run out to buy bread and milk at the slightest sign of flurries. But, I do know how to hunker down, snuggle up, and stay inside where its nice and cozy.

First off, you need coffee. Not only to keep you warm and cozy, but to keep you sane because after all, you’re inside with your toddler. When will they learn that cold dreary days are perfect napping days??

snow day 035 copy

Second. You need something warm cooking on the stove.

I always crave home cooking when the weather is nasty, namely, chicken and dumplings. Here’s a great go-to crock pot chicken and dumplings recipe using canned biscuits for dumplings, it doesn’t get much easier than that.



Add a cozy blanket, warm smelling candle or fireplace, and the cutest kid on the block and you have yourself one pretty decent snow ice day.

snow day 038 copy


Stay Warm!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

thankful thursday




for cozy socks, blankets, and coffee to keep me warm when temps are below 30 degrees

that I feel like the people I work with are family, after only three months at the clinic

for baby polo shirts from a consignment shop for five dollars

for a baby toddler who makes the “itsy bitsy spider” motion when I sing

for swings, and that no matter how old you are they have the magical power to make you feel 5 again

that having a child forces you to find your inner kid and keep life playful


Happy Thursday Ya’ll :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

if i never have a daughter

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the future of our family, about adding little bodies to the clan. Am I having baby fever and ready to get pregnant right this second? Definitely not, but I like picturing what our household will look like with other children running around besides Landon. I get excited thinking about him being a big brother and being protective over his other siblings. I get excited about our backseat being full of chatter and chaos. I get excited about family trips, and watching them form bonds the way my sister and I did, and John and his sister did. It all just makes me so excited about the future.


But here’s the thing I’ve really been thinking about. Do I want more boys, or girls? I know its a silly questions because I really have no say in what the gender of my children is, but I still think about it. Could I raise a daughter? Not that I have this boy thing down pat, but the thought of raising a little girl terrifies me. I am not girly, I am not into bows, and I have no idea how to braid. I really don’t enjoy pink and ruffles and tutus (barf), and growing up I was a total tomboy. The thought of a little girl? I really am not sure I’m cut out for it. I have never had this burning desire to have a daughter, and that’s really just the truth. Maybe because of fear, maybe just because…that’s just how I feel.

Being a boy-mom on the other hand? Yes. Sign me up. I’m there. I have always, since before I can remember, known that I wanted to be a mom to a bunch of little boys. I wanted to have my car full of baseball bats, football cleats, and fishing gear. I have always felt it in my core, that I was supposed to be a boy-mom.


So when we found out Landon was indeed a “he,” I felt a sense of relief. I feel so full of joy watching my son…I cannot think of anything better. I cannot think of a bigger honor than raising a son into a man who is honest, and kind, and a good husband and father, who works hard, loves his family, and loves the Lord.


If I had a daughter, I would be over the moon and I would love her and she would have an incredibly special piece of my heart. But if I never have a daughter, well, I’m okay with that too.

Do any of you boy-moms feel the same way? Or am I just looney.

Probably the latter. :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

snow day

Our weatherman was calling for this area to get 3-5 inches of snow Thursday night and Friday morning and well…they got it wrong. Either that or we live in an area that the snow fell like a donut and we were the hole. Everywhere around us got there 3-5 inches, but us? We can still see the grass through that pretty white snow. It was pretty much melted by 9am Friday morning and we went about our day like usual. Sadly,  nurses don’t get snow days, but luckily the roads weren’t bad and I made it safely into the clinic.


The great thing about Fridays and my new job? Half days. Yep, Fridays consist of me going into work for about four hours, and then heading home to hang out with my favorite toddler. Yesterday Landon surprised me with a 3 hour nap, so you better believe I was napping/Pinterest-ing/doing nothing productive right a long with him.


In my pre-mommy life I would have stayed snuggled inside safe and warm when the temperatures were in the 40s outside, but now that we have a very energetic little boy running around, that doesn’t quite happen. So we headed outside. This monkey LOVES his cars and trucks and anything with wheels…so we did some “cruising.” He cracks me up how he knows to “steer” the steering wheel and beep the horn as we roll down the road.


Suddenly he seems so grown to me.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

weekend getaway / boone, nc

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Just a quick little weekend recap...
This weekend John planned a birthday getaway to celerate my 26th birthday. We headed up to Boone, NC with our friends to enjoy a weekend of relaxing, eating, and lots of fun!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Although I never posted about it, I have been a person who has a “word of the year” for a couple years now. Last year, my word was love. In the Fall of 2011 I really felt convicted about how I have been called as a Christian to love people above all else. And not to love them because of what they can do for me, but because they are children of Christ, no matter what path their life has led them down.
As a nurse, I have been blessed, and challenged in meeting people from all walks of life. In the past year some of my patients have been involved in drugs and alcohol, have been a sex offender and child molester, and I also took care of a couple prisoners. Yes, you read that right. As difficult as it was to care for all of those people, I really felt it on my heart to love them. I continued to tell myself that if I didn’t show them Christian love and kindness, then they may never see it. I’m not trying to make it sound like I am a saint by any means, I just realized I was put in a position where I could show others Christ, and needed to take advantage of that.
In addition to my patients I felt called to learn how to better love my husband, family, in-laws and coworkers and friends. 2012 also brought the huge lesson of motherly love, when I gave birth to Landon. That took this whole “love” thing to a whole new level. While I still have a long way to go, I’ve come up with a new word of the year.

So what’s my 2013 word of the year?
This little gem of a word started popping up all over the place the past couple months. Some days I would be driving down the road and it would creep into my mind, I found myself just reflecting on it.
Its a very simple, yet profound word that I feel like has a ton of meaning and beauty within it. It even led me to my blog name change.
So in 2013, I am learning about grace. I am learning grace for myself- that I don’t have to have it all together, and be super mom and super wife. That sometimes I just can’t do it all. I am also learning about grace for those around me and showing them grace when its easy not to.  And finally, I am learning about God’s grace, that even though I really don’t deserve it, He gives grace freely, every single day.
So here's to 2013, and a whole lotta grace.

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