Saturday, January 19, 2013

snow day

Our weatherman was calling for this area to get 3-5 inches of snow Thursday night and Friday morning and well…they got it wrong. Either that or we live in an area that the snow fell like a donut and we were the hole. Everywhere around us got there 3-5 inches, but us? We can still see the grass through that pretty white snow. It was pretty much melted by 9am Friday morning and we went about our day like usual. Sadly,  nurses don’t get snow days, but luckily the roads weren’t bad and I made it safely into the clinic.


The great thing about Fridays and my new job? Half days. Yep, Fridays consist of me going into work for about four hours, and then heading home to hang out with my favorite toddler. Yesterday Landon surprised me with a 3 hour nap, so you better believe I was napping/Pinterest-ing/doing nothing productive right a long with him.


In my pre-mommy life I would have stayed snuggled inside safe and warm when the temperatures were in the 40s outside, but now that we have a very energetic little boy running around, that doesn’t quite happen. So we headed outside. This monkey LOVES his cars and trucks and anything with wheels…so we did some “cruising.” He cracks me up how he knows to “steer” the steering wheel and beep the horn as we roll down the road.


Suddenly he seems so grown to me.

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  1. He is so stinkin' cute! The job I started last year also does half does on Friday and it is SO nice!


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