Friday, January 25, 2013

when life gives you ice

Our weather forecast today guaranteed a “wintry mix.”

Well, that wintry mix is 100% freezing rain.

Thankfully, I get to leave work at noon and was quickly on my way to get Landon and get home.  I am the biggest weenie in the world when it comes to driving in any kind of weather other than sunny and 80 degrees, so when I saw the sheet of ice that was our driveway, I knew there wasn’t anyway I was attempting it. No, I parked my car, or Lulu as I lovingly refer to her, at the bottom of our hill of a front yard. I grabbed the diaper bag, my bag, and the baby and we made the hike up our front yard to the safety of of our house. Note to self : Dansko nursing shoes don’t make good snow shoes.

Its been disgusting outside today. Its freezing cold, freezing rain, and well…just frozen.

I’m no wintry-mix guru. After all I do live in the great state of North Carolina, and we get excited and run out to buy bread and milk at the slightest sign of flurries. But, I do know how to hunker down, snuggle up, and stay inside where its nice and cozy.

First off, you need coffee. Not only to keep you warm and cozy, but to keep you sane because after all, you’re inside with your toddler. When will they learn that cold dreary days are perfect napping days??

snow day 035 copy

Second. You need something warm cooking on the stove.

I always crave home cooking when the weather is nasty, namely, chicken and dumplings. Here’s a great go-to crock pot chicken and dumplings recipe using canned biscuits for dumplings, it doesn’t get much easier than that.



Add a cozy blanket, warm smelling candle or fireplace, and the cutest kid on the block and you have yourself one pretty decent snow ice day.

snow day 038 copy


Stay Warm!


  1. I am from Georgia and moved to Wisconsin almost a year ago. I have the same mentality as you when it comes to snow or ice. I have the mentality that I should be inside and not going anywhere until the snow melts! Then I hear that it may not melt until spring! What the what?!? How am I supposed to go anywhere right? WRONG! I am having to learn to live with it! I even own my very first pair of snow boots! hahaha!

  2. Hi! I'm Katie and I saw your comment on From Mrs. to Mama and I thought how crazy, my name is Katie and I have a son (19months) named Landon!! I also am an RN but in the CVICU. Anyhow thought I would stop by and say hi and check out your blog!!


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