Friday, February 22, 2013

friday favorites


This week has been chaotic with work, and life in general. But I thought I’d share four of my favorites that I’ve found this week – all geared towards my favorite toddler.

1. TOMS on Zulily. Originally 30.00, on sale for 18.99. I’ll be honest, this was my first Zulily experience (I know, I know, I promise I don’t live under a rock). I am hooked. Quick, easy, and deal! I can’t wait for these little Tiny Toms to arrive in the mail so Landon can wear his new kicks. Do yourself a favor, go order some now before the sale ends on Saturday morning!


2. Jellycat Bunnies from Peekawhoo. Thanks to AP , I snagged one of these adorable bunnies for Landon’s Easter basket. I hope he loves it, and if he doesn’t, I’ll just keep it for myself, its that dang cute! I love the monogram to add a personalized touch.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 9_26_53 PM

3. Land of Nod Stripes around the Bin totes. I am in love with these! I’m in the process of organizing Landon’s room and these are the perfect addition to his room to hold his trucks, cars, and blocks. I love the bold stripes and bright colors, and at only 12.95 each I definitely found them worth their money!


4. Old Navy shorts. These royal blue ones are too stinking cute, and thanks to the amazing sales ON was having this week- Landon is set for summer. Bring on the warmer weather!



There ya have it, four great finds this week!

Happy Friday Y’all!

Saturday, February 16, 2013



sleeping in, snuggling in bed, pancake breakfast, staying in our pajamas all day, and watching the snow fall.

a pretty perfect start to my Saturday.


snow 014

Saturday, February 9, 2013

one of those moments...

I just had one of those moments. You know, when you're holding your baby in your arms and for a split second it hits you in right smack in the face how quickly he is growing, how fast it is all happening. And you hold him tighter, clinging to how small and sweet and innocent he is right in this very moment.
I just had that moment.
I took Landon upstairs to lay him down for bed, and stood there for a few minutes swaying back and forth, dancing with him, while humming our favorite bedtime songs. He took my hand, laid his head on my shoulder and instantly, I thought about dancing with him at his wedding. I thought about how his hand will be so much larger on that day as compared to how tiny it is right now in mine, and how he will probably be much taller than me. Tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat quickly follow and I held him much closer for just a few minutes longer before I laid him down to sleep.
I have been told that becoming a mom means having your heart live on the outside of your body, and I cannot think of anything more true.
My heart is curled up under a blanket sleeping soundly in his crib.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Top Five : Valentine’s Day

With all the pink and red hearts floating around the blogger world, pinterest, and well…life in general I figured I’d share my top five Valentine’s Day Internet finds.
1. 101 Free Valentine’s Printables
2. Its kind of hard to dress a little boy for Valentines, considering pink and hearts doesn’t really translate into “boy”…so I am absolutely in love with this appliqué, and fully intend on getting L a shirt with it on it!
3.I’m by no means consider myself an accomplished baker…sure I can bake. It just won’t look like anything out of a Martha Stewart magazine. These? Well, they seem easy enough, and super cute. Oddly enough, they’re from
4. I have a little twiggy tree that I use for random things…THIS would be so so cute.
5. Saving the best for last…this Valentine cracks me up. I’m a sucker for cheesy-ness.
What are your favorite Valentine’s Day internet finds??

being present.

I can’t tell you how many times I have caught myself at night sitting on the couch checking Instagram, Facebook, or browsing Pinterest while my son plays on the floor in front of me. It makes me cringe to admit that. It makes me sick that I have ever chosen social media over my sweet baby, and I think that when it gets to the point that it makes me feel that way, it means I need to do better.
I need to be present for my son. I need to watch him learn, and grow, and explore instead of being consumed by social media and my iphone. We live in a world that keeps us connected right at our fingertips, and I love that. But I hate that.
We as mommas need to be connected in our homes, first and foremost, not across the world. My child deserves better from me. My child deserves ALL of me. All the time.
Over the past few weeks I’ve felt out of balance. I’ve felt like I can’t quite get a grip on where I’m at in life right now, and it is so incredibly frustrating. So, I’m committing to doing better. I’m committing to making changes, starting with myself. What will those changes look like? It will look like disconnecting from technology while Landon is awake. It will look like playing games, building blocks, and reading books, instead of browsing my iphone.
He is entering into an age that is SO important and so precious, and so fleeting…and I don’t want to miss a minute of it. I also want to set the example that relationships are made at home, in person, face to face. Not through text, or Facebook, or Twitter. No, I’m not disconnecting completely, but I will be selective about when I use the internet verses focusing on my family. I’m committing to getting my priorities in order, making my life more balanced, and finding peace in this crazy day to day life of being a working mommy.
066 copy
Life is way too short, I of all people know that working with cancer patients on a daily basis. I certainly don’t want to look back and say I wish I had done something differently, or played with Landon instead of blogging  or read one more book instead of posting on Facebook.
I want to be present.

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