Sunday, February 3, 2013

Top Five : Valentine’s Day

With all the pink and red hearts floating around the blogger world, pinterest, and well…life in general I figured I’d share my top five Valentine’s Day Internet finds.
1. 101 Free Valentine’s Printables
2. Its kind of hard to dress a little boy for Valentines, considering pink and hearts doesn’t really translate into “boy”…so I am absolutely in love with this appliqué, and fully intend on getting L a shirt with it on it!
3.I’m by no means consider myself an accomplished baker…sure I can bake. It just won’t look like anything out of a Martha Stewart magazine. These? Well, they seem easy enough, and super cute. Oddly enough, they’re from
4. I have a little twiggy tree that I use for random things…THIS would be so so cute.
5. Saving the best for last…this Valentine cracks me up. I’m a sucker for cheesy-ness.
What are your favorite Valentine’s Day internet finds??

1 comment:

  1. I love that applique, perfect for a little boy! And those fabric hearts for the the little tree branches are adorable!


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