Saturday, June 29, 2013

pacifier weaning and mama aches.




If you’re like me, you know there are things in motherhood that you have a love hate relationship with. If you’re really like me, its the pacifier. In those first months,  I spent weeks upon weeks praying my child would take a pacifier. All I needed was a few moments of peace, for him to actually NAP without me holding him, and to not want to nurse every minute of every day. If you asked me 18 months ago about the pacifier, I would have begged you to teach my child about the magical powers it had. Sure enough, Landon got the hang of it, and it quickly made life more bearable…and made this mama more sane.

But it seems that as soon as you realize your child is hooked on his pacifier and you praise God above for giving you some peace, you start to dread the day you have to take it away.

My goal initially was to have Landon weaned somewhere around eighteen months. But lets be honest, eighteen months came quickly and we, or maybe I, wasn’t ready. I knew we had summer vacation coming up in August, and just figured I would save the inevitable for AFTER that long car ride. (Hey, I need some peace on vacation too!) I wasn’t pushing it, and really wasn’t that concerned about it right now. But apparently Landon is more independent minded than I thought, because he had other plans.

Last Tuesday I arrived to pick Landon up after work only to find out that my sweet baby had successfully taken a nap without his pacifier. WHAT?! How did that happen?! I was hit with a mix of emotions, beyond excited but that tinge of heartache knowing he was growing up, all on his own. For me, the pacifier was a physical object that kept Landon a ‘baby.’ For some odd reason, in the back of my head, seeing him with the pacifier kept him tiny, and the second that was gone he was a little boy. It may sound silly, but in my weird mama mind, that’s how I felt.

There really is no rhyme or reason as to how Landon was weaned from his pacifier. I have no secrets to share, or wise tips and tricks from some parenting book I read. All I can say is that apparently Landon has found a new friend, George the monkey. And there’s been no looking back. Landon has now been four days pacifier free. YAY! It has gone super well, and he really doesn’t seem to miss it. Which is a huge relief. I really dreaded taking that pacifier away from him. I knew that sleepless nights would ensue, toddler tantrums would fill our evenings before bedtime, and in my mind there was no way it would go smoothly. Landon surprised me though, as he does from time to time. I had nothing to do with this. He did it all on his own, and that is what blows my mind. I know that this is the first of many milestones that he will accomplish all on his own. And while it tugs at my mama heartstrings, there is no greater feeling than knowing, he is mine. I couldn’t be more proud.

So here I sit in that limbo that we mamas often do. Simultaneously feeling that deep ache knowing he is growing up, and that fullness that comes with the joy of watching him do it. I can only imagine if I am feeling this sentimental about a dang pacifier I will be one big blubbering mess when he hits his first homerun, or goes to the prom, or graduates, or goes off to college. Dear Lord, help me.

Buckle up mama, you’ve got a long, emotional road ahead of you.


  1. Oh my gosh! I remember when we took the pacifier away! We tried weening and it didn't happen. So one day we just found all of them and hid them. She went down for a nap without it one day and we just decided that since she proved she COULD do it then it was time. I think we has three or four days where sleep was;t so fun. But after that we never once looked back.

  2. I didn't have a choice in the matter. one day, my little fella threw his paci out around 5 months and we tried to give it back and he would throw it at us, so we were done with it before it ever became a security thing.

    I was sort of relieved because I have friends with 3 year olds who still have one.


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