Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer To Do

About this time every year I get that feeling. That moment of deep dark regret, that moment of “what in this world was I thinking?”

You know the feeling. We’ve all had it at some point in our lives.

Like clockwork, those summer months roll in with all their fun stuff to do and see and experience, and like clock work I wonder, Why in the world am I not a teacher? I mean really.

Ohhh, all your little facebook status updates of “LAST DAY! WHOOHOO!” and “Off for three months!” I’m pretty sure you’re going to drive me to deactivate my account. I. Cannot. Take. It. 

Okay I’m finished whining. Truth is, I love my job, and while I would love it more if summers free were included, they just aren’t. But I am determined that my working five days a week will not, you hear me, WILL. NOT. put a damper on our summer excitement. Its time to live in the warm sunshine, to be barefoot, to stay up late and to enjoy all there is to be offered before the chilly days of fall are back with us.

Pinterest has been a great source for summer to-do lists, all you mama’s out there with your free time have made my to do list making a little easier. So today I’m sharing our sweet little list of fun. Some we’ve already accomplished, some we will be doing more than once, and some…well some might just not happen. At any rate,  here’s to Summer 2013!


summer to do list

What’s on your summer to do list??

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