Monday, July 22, 2013

weekend getaway / Southport, NC

If you’ve been following me on Instagram the past few days you know that this past weekend we headed east to one of our favorite coastal towns in the world, Southport, NC. It was the perfect weekend of sun, sand, and relaxation. We spent a couple days on the beach, ate dinner at our favorite restaurant in the world, and wandered the quaint coastal streets of this town that is so special to us. On Friday, we headed out to Caswell Beach and spent all afternoon playing.




Our plan was to do the same on Saturday, and head home late Saturday after dinner. Luckily John’s sister and her family were staying just across inlet at Bald Head Island and offered us a place to stay on Saturday night, so we hopped a ferry ride over and spent all of Saturday on the glorious island of Bald Head. If you’ve never been, you need to go. Its beautiful, and the only transportation is on golf carts or bikes. Its where John and I spent our 3rd anniversary. Its just a small slice of heaven.



Sunday, we caught our ferry off the island, ate lunch one last time in Southport, and headed home. It was the perfect weekend getaway to recharge our batteries and get out of town.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

the throes of toddlerhood

I would venture to say that the first eighteen months of Landon’s life have been pretty easy. Dare I say that word? Sure we had our sleepless nights, never ending growth spurts, and other various struggles here and there. But overall, I look back and think that we had it pretty good. From early on, Landon slept decent stretches of the night, has never been an early riser, and is always a pretty content, happy child. Luckily 2 of those 3 things are still true. However, I am realizing that when we said goodbye to the pacifier, we said goodbye to peace and quiet. They don’t call it a pacifier for nothing. Now all I have is one tired, teething, cranky toddler. And two tired, non-teething, cranky parents.

Most days, I pick up Landon after work and pretty much spend the rest of the evening dealing with one big ol’ fusspot. He is strong willed, stubborn, and independent. And while those can be three amazing qualities, they are so very frustrating. Gone are the peaceful outings with a giggly smiling baby. Now going out with Landon consist of trying to keep him from nose diving out of the shopping cart, crying and fighting me because he can’t run around whatever store or restaurant we are in at the time, and then one incredible meltdown when he realizes what a mean mommy I am that I make him hold my hand when in the parking lot back to the car. Such a mean mommy for not wanting my child to get hit by a car, right? Those moments make me short of breath, and they are something I feel completely inept to handle. Where is my handbook or how-to? What do I do when I have four hundred people staring at me as I wrangle my child and he screams at the top of his lungs? All, I can do is politely smile at them, say I’m sorry, hurry to finish whatever I’m doing at the time, and get the heck out of dodge.

These moments are pretty frequent now, so I guess I should get used to them. Yesterday it was a total meltdown in Target, tonight it was a constant fuss-fest at dinner. It is a constant battle of trying to teach my son patience, how to behave in public, how to mind, etc. Some days, life is one big meltdown after another. And sometimes I feel like melting down right along side with him.

But, once in a while right there in the midst of his toddler-ness, he does something that completely turns me into one big pile of mush. Like the open mouth kisses he plants on my face, or the way he pats my shoulder and says “hey!” I have to remember, that parenthood is not just raising my child to be the absolute best he can be, but raising myself to be my absolute best for him . Those situations when I am trying to teach him, and mold him…they are teaching and molding me. I have learned more about patience, selflessness, and how to take a deep breath over the past few weeks than I have in my entire life.

And as much as I pray for bedtime to just hurry up and get here, just as soon as he’s a sleep, I forget all about the tiny terror he was that evening.


Friday, July 12, 2013

five on friday

Happy Happy Friday! It felt like this day would NEVER get here. I’m typing this as we are getting our 400th storm of the season…I’m thinking I need to invest in a boat to get myself to work with all this rain we’ve had this summer. It. is. insane. I just need some sunshine people. This week I’ve been daydreaming about our upcoming beach trip, and figured I’d share a few current favorites in my life.


(One)   Lands End Extra Large Open Top Canvas Tote



These bags are something that I absolutely swear by in the summer. I’m pretty sure I own one in every size, and each size serves its different purpose. The medium size is perfect for a “diaper bag” for Landon. Since I don’t need quite the same essentials going out as I did when he was a new born, I like carrying this bag, tossing my wallet in and running out to take care of whatever errands we need to get done. The large bag is perfect for our pool and lake bag, it holds a few towels, sunscreen, a book or drink, and a couple snacks. Lastly, this extra-large size is perfect for the beach when you need to back a little more. It has no issues holding a few toys, diapers/wipes, a change of clothes, a beach blanket, and several towels. I also love the interior pockets so all the little things don’t get stuffed down in the bottom of the bag.


(Two) Iplay Longsleeve Rash Guard



Last year my biggest concern of the summer was keeping my fair baby’s skin protected from the sun. I wanted solid color rash guards that could mix and match with the various swim shorts he had. I hopped online to Amazon and found these rash guards made by Iplay, and I was instantly hooked. This year I repurchased the same ones he had last year. Landon is super fair skinned, and I don’t want to take any chances of his skin getting burned, I also don’t want to have to wrangle him to lather on sunscreen every hour or so to make sure that doesn’t happen. These are the perfect alternative. I can roll the sleeves up, or keep them long and keep him protected when we are at the pool in the heat of the day or on the beach. To keep them at their best, I hand was them, and let them air dry. They hold up well and are super cute.


(Three) OPI A Good Mandarin Is Hard To Find



My go-to summer shade. A few weeks ago I realized I did not own a single bottle of red nail polish. I know, insane, right? I have since fixed said issue and have found my new favorite summer shade. Its the perfect red with a tint of orange/coral. Not fire engine red, but not too orangey. Its the happy medium.


(Four) Recipe Cards from Christina Williams Shop on Etsy



John and I have this gallon zip lock baggie of recipes that sits in the cabinet above our sink. Most of them are family recipes or from friends that have been photocopied and given to us. Lately, I have been struck with the lack of handwritten things that we have in our world anymore, everything is typed and emailed. So I’m on a mission to fix that. Last week I purchased the cutest recipe cards from  Christina Williams on Etsy and plan on getting all our recipes handwritten. If they’re from our parents, I’ve asked them to re-write them for us so we have an original. Hopefully, down the road these recipes will not only be special to us, but the handwritten cards will be as well.



(Five) The number of weeks until I am sitting on the beach with my little toesies in the sand…hurry up already will ya?



Happy Friday!

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

five on friday

Today’s my first time linking up with Darci, Christina, April, and Natasha for Five on Friday. I love a good random post with nothing but five of my current favorite things- so with no further ado, lets get started!

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1. Fresh Pico de Gallo. Something about these hot summer days just has me craving light, refreshing snacks, and this one fits the bill. Not to mention I’m always up for any excuse to have a margarita. This is probably one of my all time favorite snacks in the summer, and I love that everything comes straight from the garden. Recipe will be posted soon!


2. On Thursday night John and I went to our nearby Minor League Baseball game. There’s absolutely nothing better than sitting under those big ballpark lights watching the game with him. Even better, is the July fourth fireworks show after! This is our third year going to the ballpark on July Fourth, so I’d like to think we’re starting our own little holiday tradition. I was just excited I actually had the day of the holiday off this year, perks of the new job. :) Fourth of July post also coming soon.

3. In an effort to have more date nights and one on one time, John and I sent Landon off to my parents house for a night so we can enjoy sometime without having to chase a toddler around while trying to carry on a conversation. So far its going really well, and I’m so glad to have some time with just John to reconnect and enjoy each other. Today we are headed out an afternoon on the lake, I don’t hate it. As hard as it is being away from our little man, I know it is so good for our marriage to spend some time just us.

4. Current Read: Last fall I had the opportunity to meet Emily Giffin, and while there I purchased this book. Sadly, I have not gotten around to reading it until now. I’ll let ya’ll know how it is! (I’m sure it will be awesome, like all of her previous books).



5. Skinny Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. I’m really not a big drinker, but during the summer, John and I like to grill out and enjoy a nice beverage. My current go to cocktail is this low calorie vodka mixed with lemonade. John Daly, anyone?



Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

let freedom ring

Hope your Independence day is filled with family, fun, and lots of good food :)








Happy Fourth of July from our family to yours!

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