Friday, August 16, 2013

happy friday!




Y’all. As we speak I am staring at mounds of laundry, and open suitcases just ready and waiting to be filled. Tonight we hit the road for our family vacation, and I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to get going. As a kid, we used to load the car the night before a big trip, so that in the morning all we had to do was wake up and crawl in the car. My dad was notorious for being so excited that we would pack the car and he would say “well, lets just go on and go!” And we would. It was not uncommon to leave at midnight and drive through the night to reach our destination just a few hours sooner. I’m pretty sure I have inherited that same trait, because I have already convinced John to leave tonight versus in the morning. Its like Christmas morning, except maybe better, because its sunny and warm.

Seven days of sand, sun, and fun on the beach with my favorite toddler and the hubs.

Are we there yet?

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