Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dear Landon

Dear Landon, 

Seventeen years from now, I can only hope that we will be packing up your bags, buying your books, and preparing you for the greatest journey of your life…college. We’ll be moving you into your first dorm room, easing you into the excitement and fear that all comes with moving away from home, and leaving you to enjoy what will be an incredible four years. I hope that you love college as much as your daddy and I did. I hope that you learn, and grow, and make great friends, and make mistakes but learn from them. I hope you study (you better) and work hard, and experience the satisfaction of graduating from a great university. I hope you experience the excitement of a college football game and  the exhaustion from pulling an all night-er. I hope you meet a girl and fall in love, and if you’re lucky, meet the girl you will marry. I hope those four years will be incredible, and I cannot wait to watch you experience them, because they were truly amazing for your daddy and me. For one, its where we met each other, and had that not happened we would not have you in our lives.

I’m not in any rush to get you to college by any means. So please don’t grow up too quickly, sweet boy. But eventually that day will come. And lets be really really honest for a minute, Your daddy and I are secretly hoping we can fool you into believe that there is no other school in the country besides East Carolina. Are we awful for wanting you to love the Pirates as much as we do? We’re campaigning already, and you aren’t even potty trained. We’ll teach you the fight song, take you to as many games as we can, and pray that you fall in love with this place. And when you do? I’ll proudly display this photo at your graduation, cry like a big ol baby,  and say it all started when you were still in diapers.

landon ecu copy

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