Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY Ruler Growth Chart

  Growing up, my mom always used to measure our height on the back of the door that led down to the basement in our house. For years, you could see our growth and my mom’s scribbled handwriting marking the date and our age. It was always so much fun seeing who was taller at what age, and was especially fun when I finally passed my sister in height. Granted, she’s only 5’1 (and a half, if you ask her) but it was still a huge victory to finally say that I was taller than my big sister. And you better believe I’ve never let her forget it!

When I was in eighth grade, my parents moved into a new home. While I was excited to have a new room, and more space, I look back and wish we could have taken that door with us. It held so many memories, and was such a part of our childhood, and now its in a house I will never revisit.

Now that I’ve had Landon, I want the same memories for him. I want to have him stand up tall against the wall and measure how big he is from year to year. And down the road, I hope he has a sibling to have that same rivalry with. Here’s the kicker though, I refuse to mark on a door frame because if we ever move, those markings will be left behind just like mine from my childhood. Not to mention we rent our house right now and I’m not sure the owners would appreciate our markings on their walls.

A few months ago I saw the DIY ruler growth charts that are all over Pinterest and the blog world. I immediately knew that was the solution to my dilemma. A ruler that I could hang on the wall and measure my babies, but when we move, it can move with us. This weekend we finally put the finishing touches on our ruler, and I am so proud of the results. I also can’t wait for it to be marked on over the years to chart my kids milestones.

First we went to Lowe’s and bought a 2x6 piece of wood that is 6 feet long. It really is personal preference what size board you use, but I felt like this was a good size for what we needed. Luckily we had some dark stain laying around the garage to use, so we didn’t need to purchase any. It literally took me about 2 minutes to stain the wood. Be careful not to make it too dark, because you won’t be able to see your marks when you finally start measuring your kids.

After the stain was dry, we used a measuring tape to start marking our inch-marks. I started the ruler at the six inch mark to allow for the baseboards in our home. John helped me with this step. Using a lot of painters tape, he taped off the hashmarks and painted the lines black. Then, went back and used the stencils to paint the numbers. After one coat of poly, it was finished! We’ve decided to measure Landon on his birthday, so it is a yearly event to see how much he grows. So, I have to wait until December for our first measurement. In the meantime, I’m searching for the perfect place to hang our ruler in our home.



I wish I had taken a few more pictures of the whole process, but really it was so easy to do. I’m so excited for the way it turned out, and cannot wait until December to measure Landon for the first time!

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  1. This is adorable! I loved it when you posted it on instagram! Thanks for linking up and for sharing the button!

  2. Oh Katie, I love this!!! I've been wanting to do this for Jackson; you may have just convinced me I'm capable. Ha!

    Thanks for linking up with Life Created Tuesdays :)

  3. LOVE it Katie!!! It came out awesome!!!


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