Sunday, September 29, 2013

things i learned in september

1. I don’t have a favorite season, rather a favorite time of year. And September just so happens to be that time of year. Its the perfect balance between summer and fall, both of which I do love. You can hold onto warm summer weather, but there’s the chill at night. You get beach trips, and football all at once. Its pretty heavenly. I think we should add a fifth season. Sautumn, or Fall-mer, or… ?


2. God answers prayers in the most unexpected, incredible ways. After praying on something for almost five years, we finally have our answer. He is the Great Provider. Sometimes I just need to be reminded that I am not in charge. That He is at work for some bigger more beautiful plan and I just need to trust, and enjoy the process.

3. I learned that Instagram isn’t just for social media. Sometimes I just sit down and browse through my over 800 pictures on Instagram. It reminds me of little moments in our life that are so fleeting. I’m thankful for instagram. It makes me more aware of those moments, allows me to document them really quickly, and then have the ability to go back and pour over the images. Anyone else feel that way? -

4. I really love baking. I kind of find it therapeutic. Although my jeans don’t really love me baking. This month I invested in my first KitchenAid Mixer. I’m already obsessed. Landon and I made chocolate chip cream cheese cookies within the first hour of owning her. imagesCA9J8O0X

5. Raising a toddler is no joke. However, raising a toddler is way fun. I’ve never played with so much play doh, mega-blocks, or cars in my whole life. And I’m loving every minute of it. Our days are typically ended with a trip to the park in our neighborhood. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to swing on a swing set. Having a baby is tough some days, but it is so fun to relive your childhood through your child.

6. I learned there’s nothing better than riding through the country with the windows down and radio up to make you feel sixteen again. (Which is something I already knew, but the cooler temperatures have allowed for it lately so its a nice reminder how much I enjoy it)

7. I learned I absolutely have to take time for myself each week. Otherwise, I’m a raging lunatic by the end of the week. I cannot do it all, despite how much I try. And that’s okay. Thank God for grace. Which is a whole other post in itself.

8. I learned that there’s a part of my soul that was made for country living. As much as I resisted moving to this little nothing town that we live in, I kind of enjoy it now. The old barns, hay bales, and wide open spaces grow on you after a while. And while I love city living and all it has to offer, I’ve realized that my spirit needs the space to breathe, and living in the middle of nowhere certainly offers that.

9. I learned that coffee really does make mornings better.

10. I learned that sometimes its okay to unplug, to not capture every second of every day, to put down the camera, phone, or ipad and just be.

11. I learned how sweet it is when your child calls you “mama” for the first time. Yes, my sweet boy has made me wait 21 long months to hear that word, and now? I never get tired of it. It really is the most incredible thing to hear.


  1. Okay, KitchenAid mixer changed. my. life!!! You will love it!! And coffee makes mornings infinitely more enjoyable. I love this post and your site! So glad I found it in the link up! I will definitely be back! :)

    Kailey | living in the rain

  2. Love this post! We have oh so much in common!!! Thank you Jesus for your grace and mercies! I'm guilty if not "enjoying the process" as well. Thank you for the reminder to just be!


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