Sunday, October 20, 2013

the toddler bed.

Like every other milestone that Landon has hit, he does it on his own timeline. Sometimes, things take longer than I would hope, like the fact that I had to wait until he was 20 months old to here “Mama”. Others happen way sooner than I expect. For instance, Landon weaned himself from his pacifier two months sooner than I was planning. My goal was to part ways with the pacifier anywhere from 18 months to 2 years old. However, Landon decided that at 15 months he didn’t need it anymore. He went to bed one afternoon without it, and there was no turning back. He was a big boy.
Changing his bed to a toddler bed really has not even been on my radar. He has been sleeping well in his crib, hasn’t tried to climb out, and by no means has outgrown the bed, so I really hadn’t even thought about converting the crib yet. I think somewhere in the back of my mind I assumed it would happen after he turned two in December, but really didn’t have a time frame nailed down. Landon, of course, had other ideas.

big boy bed
This weekend we woke up to him crying in his crib. This didn’t strike me as odd at first. We wake up to him fussing many mornings. He’s not a morning kid, and makes that known. There is no happy “Mama?!" coming from his room in the morning. Only his pitiful little cries letting us know that we need to get our tails out of bed and go get him. Last Saturday morning was different though. The typical half-hearted, sleepy pouts quickly turned to full blown cries. I jumped out of bed and rushed into his room to see what was wrong. Initially my thought was that his leg was stuck in between the crib railing, making him panic, or he had thrown his beloved bunny overboard and realized he couldn’t get it back. But no, there he was stuck straddling the railing, hanging on for dear life. Apparently he had decided that he could climb out, but got stuck half way over, which led to his terrified little cries. I’ll be honest, part of me wanted to die laughing at the sight of him hanging there like a monkey on tree branch. The other part was scared to death that he could have fallen and hurt himself. I guess that’s the life of a boy mom- part of the time we shake our heads and secretly giggle at the crazy things these boys do, and at the same time thank God they weren’t hurt.
big boy bed 2

None the less, that was enough for us to decide that it was time to convert Landon’s crib to a toddler bed. Yet again, another milestone way sooner than my heart was ready for. It’s not that I was planning on keeping Landon in a crib until he turned eighteen, but it really hadn’t crossed my mind that this was coming down the pike anytime in the next 4-6 months. Surely we’d wait until he was two years old. Our little man marches to his own drum though, and as usual, things happen on his own, when he is ready. So John went to Babies R US, bought the little white mesh guard rail, and set to converting our baby crib to a big boy bed.

I walked Landon into his room, and excitedly said “Landon! LOOK at your big boy bed!” When part of me wanted to break down and cry. He was so, so, proud, and so was I. He was growing up. Just like how proud I was when he rolled over for the first time, or took his first steps, or said “Mama” and melted my heart into a big ‘ol pile of mush.

big boy bed 3

Shortly after, we tucked him in, and he has been sleeping soundly ever since. He surprises me, every single day, at the things he is capable of. He makes this parenting gig ten times easier sometimes. Sometimes, I said.


  1. we went to a big boy bed not too long after the 2nd birthday at our house, only because the pediatrician recommended it even though Andrew didn't show any signs of climbing out. Once we converted, it made SO MUCH difference in how well he sleeps! I can't get over it!

    I had the same emotions, too. I wanted to cry because he was no longer my baby! but now I see how much he loves it and I'm ok!

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