Saturday, October 12, 2013

the upside to molars


If I were to say that I can’t stand “teething”…I’m pretty sure it would be the understatement of the century. Like most kids who teethe, our days have been filled with epic amounts of crying and fussing, messed up sleep schedules, and poor eating. You just haven’t been yourself lately. My child who typically devours his dinner and goes to bed without issue has been everything but that for the past week or so. Instead, our nights are spent juggling toddler tantrums, and then once you are in your crib, listening to endless sobs until one of us caves and goes to get you. Even once you are asleep, it is a restless sleep that often ends in you making your way to the middle of our bed somewhere around four in the morning. I know, I know. I’ve read all the rules that say you aren’t supposed to bring your baby to bed with you for fear of starting bad habits. But I also know that I have to be at work in the morning and your daddy and I would give anything for just a couple more hours of peaceful sleep before our alarm clock goes off.

Molars are the devil, I’m convinced.

They are right up there with those early newborn nights when we were juggling around the clock feedings and diaper blowouts. They are ugly. And they have turned you into a child that is not your normal self. I find myself praying those little suckers would make their way through your little gums so that we can just get back to normal around here. Happy, fuss-free, well sleeping, well eating normal.

In the same breath that I curse the molars that are driving me to insanity, I am relishing in the fact that you are needing more holding and snuggling than ever. I hate that you aren’t as happy as normal, and I really don’t like that your unhappiness is directly related to your lack of sound sleep and discomfort. And I’m pretty sure I have a permanent crick in my back and hip from carrying you around so much. But you see, I’m a selfish mommy, and with these molars have come nightly snuggles in the quiet darkness of your room, rocking you in my arms, and soothing your cries. The last time you required something even close to nighttime snuggles was the week after your first birthday when you came down with the flu. What a way to ring in year two of your life, right? For several days we lived in the recliner or slept propped up in the bed, and were up most of the night trying to help you sleep better. Other than that, you have never required any form of “bedtime routine,” no books, no songs, no rocking for any amount of time. In fact, around six months old we moved the rocker out of your nursery we because we quickly realized you were not the rocking type. Nope, when you were ready for sleep, you were ready. And we have been so thankful for that.

And as I sit here listening to your heavy, sleeping breaths, and smell your sweet hair as you lay your head on my chest, I am holding onto every sweet second of it.

Call me crazy, but there’s an upside to these molars.

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