Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Tree 2013

We usually try to make it up to the mountains the weekend after Thanksgiving to get our Christmas tree. We’re lucky that North Carolina has an abundance of Christmas tree farms, and it is absolutely beautiful driving up the mountains seeing them all. For five years now we have gone to the same little tree farm in the mountains of North Carolina. Owned by a sweet elderly couple, we love going each year to Sam and Edna Miller’s to find our perfect tree. I get excited every year about our little day trip, and each year seems to get even more special as Landon is making childhood memories and forming what he will know as our Christmas traditions.


This year we arrived to the same location we have the past two years and hoped to find a tree between 7-8ft tall. We don’t mess around when it comes to our trees. First off, I can’t imagine ever having an artificial tree as our main tree, for Landon’s room it is fine, but for our living room- it has to be real. I need to smell that smell and an artificial tree and candle just don’t cut it! Landon still doesn’t fully understand the whole thing, but it is so important for him to be a part of it all. He loved watching them chop it down, and haul it up to the machine that wraps it for us to put in the truck.


I’ve been pretty surprised at how he has handled the tree in our house. At first, he wanted to pull off the ornaments that were “toys” like trucks, tractors, trains, etc. But eventually he got the hang of putting them on the tree and has pretty much left them there. He loves the Hallmark ornaments that make noise or play music, and his other favorite is the train. His contribution to the tree was the styrofoam ball that we use to make our Christmas ball with the trimmings. He is quite the helper. :) IMG_4069

Going to get our Christmas tree is just the beginning of the Christmas season for us, it really signals the start of it all, and every year I find myself more and more excited about this time of year. What is it about having kids, that brings out the kid in us all over again?

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  1. I got to do this for the first time this year, there's just something special about picking out a tree rather than just pulling one out from a box in the basement


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