Saturday, December 14, 2013

the year of the non-party birthday

So Landon turns two on Wednesday. I still can’t wrap my brain around that one. I mean, how in the world has time gone that quickly? I can still remember those sweet, wrinkly little newborn toes like it was yesterday. And now? I continually find myself saying “geez you’re getting heavy” every time I pick him up.

Last year we threw the big first birthday party. We invited our family and friends, ate lunch and celebrated Landon.  It was great, but when we got home that night I realized I didn’t have a single picture of the three of us from his birthday. Not one. Talk about mommy fail.

Here’s the thing, I think that birthday parties are great. I think every little kid needs to know they are special and loved and have a day to celebrate just them. But I also think that living in a world of Pinterest crazed mommies has made birthday parties go a little out of control. Everyone is so focused on having that perfectly planned, color coordinated, pinterest-y party to the point that I think we lose sight of what, or who, is really important here. 

Are we planning so much that we’re losing sight of the fact that our kids are kids? They couldn’t care less about centerpieces or decorations. They will not know the difference if they drink out of a mason jar or a solo cup from the dollar store. Landon could care less if his party is themed or not and if everything looks like those that we see on the internet. At the end of the day, Landon cares about playing with his new toys, eating a cupcake, and having fun. And at the end of the day, I want to be there right next to him enjoying it all also, not stressing over my chalkboard signs and bunting banners. Last year I kicked myself for getting so wrapped up in the planning and organizing and entertaining of our guests, that I really felt like it was a blur, and that I missed truly celebrating with Landon.

With two working parents, its not often that he gets an entire day of our undivided attention. And so this year, that is what we are doing. I’ve declared his two year old birthday the year of the non-party birthday. Will we celebrate? Of course we will! But I am not pinning a single pin on Pinterest, or ordering any special decorations, or worrying about a theme. I think that this year, a day well spent together way more important than a party he won’t remember.

Currently we don’t have any set plans, but I do know we will squeeze in a trip to the bakery to share some sugary goodness, and if the weather is nice we may go to the park. And on the weekend we will see the grandparents so they can spoil the birthday boy also.

So here’s to Landon turning two!


  1. I can totally understand! We still do a theme every year. But its something she chooses and super minimal. Like everything is up and ready within 30 minutes. Lol

  2. We do the same thing- on Andrew's birthday, we make it a point to spend the whole day with him and we take the day off work and make the time all about him.

    We do throw him a party, too, but only with family and 1-2 close friends... not the big shindig like we did for the first one!


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