Friday, January 10, 2014

Catch The Moment 365 | Week One

Part of my 2014 photography goal list was participating in a Project 365. I’m on a roll so far and really hope it continues through the whole year. It takes some discipline to take a photo a day with my DSLR, but I’m loving it so far. I’m hoping this project will grow my skill, my creativity, and just capture our day to day life. My goal is to do as much as possible with my Nikon versus my Iphone, but I’m sure there will be some Iphone shots somewhere along the way.  You can follow along on Instagram where I'll share some of my favorites, or visit Stephanie's blog to link up also.

1|365 A Beech
Landon cannot pronounce the word Jeep correctly, so he calls it a beech, which cracks me up. Something I hope I don’t forget about him at this age!
January 1 (10 of 10)
2|365 Landon’s First Day of Preschool
He did so well on his first day, we are so proud of our big boy!
preschool 2 
3|365 Friday Afternoon
4|365 Saturday Afternoon Coloring
5|365 Rainy Sunday
6|365 The Night of the Polar Vortex

7|365 What 7 Degrees Looks Like
(I had hoped to take a picture of the frozen pond down the road or something really creative...but all I had time for before the sun went down was the ice on our deck. I cannot remember the last time we had temperatures in the single digits!)


  1. These are awesome! I absolutely love the one in front of the door. I think it's still my favorite.

  2. Love love love your attention to detail! And that sweet boy of course!!

  3. Love the photos - exactly what this project is all about! Can't wait to see more from you.

  4. Love these precious memories and gorgeous photos! Landon is just soooo handsome! Can't believe how big he is getting! :)

  5. Love the photos, so much! The coloring one is probably my favorite though this week!

  6. I love always love your photos, too! I was so excited to see you were participating! These are awesome Katie! I think the door one's my favorite. I just melt at anything that makes a child look that much smaller.

  7. I love the crayons in little hands. Such a random shot but one to cherish and remember them little forever.

  8. I love the perspective on these pictures - angles I definitely wouldn't have thought of!

    Congrats on surviving his first day of preschool - great picture to capture that memory!


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