Friday, January 17, 2014

Catch The Moment 365 | Week Two


This week has been full. We celebrated my nephew’s second birthday and my twenty seventh birthday. We took a quick trip to the mountains without our little guy in tow. We played, and spent time outside for the first time in almost a month. And we got the news that I could possibly be a marrow donor for a baby girl.

8|365 Thankful.

Wednesday taught me a lot about how blessed I really am. We have a patient that is homeless, and he was on my mind for most of the week. This was the only picture I took that day and it was on my iphone, but I had just picked up Landon and remember being so thankful that I was headed to my warm, heated home with my little family.



9|365 Landon’s Favorite Book

One of my goals for this 365 project is to try and be IN the picture more. The other night while Landon and I were reading his favorite book, I asked John to snap a few pictures of us. So thanks to him for this one :) Landon LOVES this book, and we read it almost every night.


10|365 Be The Match

Friday evening I checked my email and to my surprise found this! It is still very early in the process, and this by no means means that I am officially going to donate stem cells for this baby girl, but its exciting none the less.


11|365 Firewood

It poured all day Saturday, so we spent the entire day holed up in our little cabin in the mountains. John kept the fire going all day, we watched movies, and never got out of our pajamas. It was pretty heavenly. I did sneak outside to take this picture of the firewood though.


12|365 Going to the Park

Sunday it was actually nice outside, so we took advantage of the weather and walked to the playground in our neighborhood. Fresh air and being outside does wonders for all of us!


13|365 The Anywhere Chair

Landon got one of PBK’s Anywhere Chairs for Christmas, and he’s pretty proud of it to say the least. I snapped this one night before we went out to eat. He was watching his favorite, Chuggington.


14|365 Birthday Flowers

John got me the most beautiful pink tulips for my birthday. Isn’t it amazing what some fresh flowers can do for your mood. I’ve enjoyed looking at them in the middle of our kitchen table all week. Despite some cold weather outside, it was a nice little taste of spring!



  1. One of our favorite books too. I think we've talked about that before though. Jonah calls it "struction site" and is quick to point out excavators every time we see one - there's a lot of road construction around our house.. I bought the new book by that author/illustrator for Christmas Steam Train Dream Train. It's pretty good too. I love how they flow. I had Wesley take a picture of Jonah and I putting puzzles together last night since I haven't been in any of mine either.

  2. All your photos look great, but that last one - it's STUNNING!

  3. The first photos is just beautiful!! My favorite flower is tulips, so was pretty excited when I saw the last one :) And funny enough I took a pic of our wood that was inside in its holder, but decided not to use it as that days photo!

  4. Ll of your pictures are amazing! I love them all and wouldn't be able to pick a favourite.

  5. I love the photo of you guys reading together.

    My mom has spent many many hours pushing Mason around in the block in that very same truck LOL

  6. Happy Birthday Katie!!!

    also, Andrew loves the same book... and the new one, Steam Train, Dream Train! You are doing great with this project. I am thinking I should join in! Never too late, right? :)

  7. Fresh flowers always bring such a smile to my face.

  8. First of all... did I miss your birthday on facebook? I am horrible about that! So happy belated birthday my beautiful friend! You have such a beautiful heart, Katie! With our dangerously cold weather I have thought about the homeless a lot lately too. Breaks my heart. We LOVE that book :) and those tulips are beautiful! Hugs!


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