Friday, January 3, 2014

first day jitters

I guess I thought that once I graduated from college, I’d never experience “first day jitters” again in my life. Not true. I spent the night before Landon’s first day of preschool with that lump in my throat and those butterflies in my stomach just like I had every other first day of school I had experienced before. I constantly went over my mental check list for the next morning, what papers I needed to take with me, what I needed to pack in his bag, what time I needed to leave the house so I wouldn’t be late for work. I tossed and turned most of the night, and the second that alarm went off in the morning I was fully aware of what day it was. Even though I wasn’t going to school for the first time, I was. It was my first time being a mom who drops her baby off at school. Of course Landon was clueless as to the magnitude of this day, but I wasn’t. Those first day jitters? They completely follow you into parenthood. Which means I have about 16 more first days of school, multiplied by however many children we have. Oy vey.

We knew back in October that we wanted to enroll Landon in preschool. It was time. He clearly showed us that was so ready for the socialization, the structure, and the learning. I researched all the area preschools and narrowed it down to the one we thought would be the best fit. I needed to be able to drop him off early so I could get to work. Since I can’t pick him up everyday, it was super important that I at least drop him off in the mornings. So we settled on a preschool, filled out the paperwork, and really put the whole thing on the back burner, because after all we had until 2014 before this happened.

Fast forward to the middle of December, and I decided to take Landon for a “Meet the Teacher” day. I will be completely honest, it was totally for me. He couldn’t have cared less if he went to his classroom that day or met his teacher. But I cared. I needed to know where my baby would be spending every Tuesday and Thursday morning. I needed to know who would be loving my baby on those mornings and making sure he was okay. It was for me, and I was fully aware of that.
And then the day arrived. January 2, 2014, the first day of preschool for my sweet baby boy. How in the world did we get here so fast? That morning came quicker than I was ready, but I was so excited for Landon and his big day. We woke up, and thankfully he woke up pretty happy. Landon’s not a morning person, and I was nervous that he would wake up grumpy and get our day off to a rough start. But the Lord must have been hearing my prayers the night before, because it was smooth, and tearless. Thank goodness.

I was nervous as we drove to preschool. Was I allowing enough time? What if he started crying? Hold it together, mama. We arrived, and I took him to the classroom where he would be since he was an “early drop off.” There were only two other kids in the room, both were older than he was. I tried setting him down with the other children to see if he would play, but it was like he knew what was going on. He clung to me. Please don’t let this be hard, I thought. My eyes panned the room and I noticed the small play kitchen situated the far corner. Perfect. Landon loves to play with his kitchen at home. I was able to get him interested in the kitchen long enough to sneak out of the room, not a tear shed…from either of us.

But those first day jitters weren’t over with. I thought about him every second of every single minute throughout the morning while I was at work. I decided I would call and check on him mid-morning, just to make sure he was okay.  I picked up the phone, dialed the number, and waited patiently for someone to answer the other end. I prayed that my sweet boy was having fun, rather than having a meltdown because he realized his mommy left him. The director, Jeanne, answered the phone, and I explained why I was calling. She put me on hold, which felt like eternity, and then when she came back to the phone I heard the best words I could ever hear. “He’s doing great.”

At noon I left to pick him up, an arrangement I made for his first day. I could. not. wait. to see my Landon, to see a smile and to know that he had a good day. And I did. He did great. He played and was happy, and when I got there to pick him up, he was smiling. It went perfectly, far more perfect than I could have hoped for. My heart is SO proud of him for being such a big boy, and I cannot wait for all that he will learn and experience this year.

And with that, we have a preschooler.

preschool 2



  1. He's so cute, he looks so tiny standing there with that big backpack on. So glad that that first day went well :)

  2. Awww. Sydney is four and I feel the same way when I just think about her starting it this year.

  3. I went through this back in June of last year. it was so hard at first, but now, when I pick him up he is just so happy and he has learned so much! Landon will love it! :)


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