Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Southern Snow

Last week we were hit by Snow Storm Pax, like the rest of the eastern part of the country. The snow started around lunchtime on Wednesday, and just a couple hours later the roads were already covered. We closed the Cancer Center early and headed home early so we wouldn’t get stuck. I work about five miles from my house, and it took almost an hour and a half to get home due to the conditions. I have never been more thankful to be home safely in all my life! We ended up getting about eight inches of snow/sleet/freezing rain over the course of Wednesday and Thursday. In North Carolina. we are lucky if we see flurries in each winter. If we’re really lucky we might get a couple inches of snow, but it is usually gone the next day and doesn’t impact our day to day life very much. To get eight inches in at one time was a rare event. It has probably been since I was in elementary school that we had this much snow, and could easily be another ten years before it happens again. While I loved the snow, I am so thankful to live in the south and that this is not our everyday life!

When it snowed a couple weeks ago, Landon was not at all excited about it. He completely lost it when he fell and his hands were cold, and had no desire to go outside and explore. This time was different though. We spent Thursday with his cousins, and lets just say the power of peer pressure prevailed and he absolutely loved it. He wanted to be right there with his cousins, Sam and Macy, and not be left out! Once he realized that he could pick the snow up or throw a snow ball at someone he was super excited. I absolutely loved watching him experience everything from riding on a sled to making a snowman. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again- seeing things through the eyes of a child makes life so much more fun!









Friday, February 14, 2014

five on friday

1. If you follow me on Instagram (@katiemperdue), you know that we were hit by snow storm Pax this week. Which means we’ve been “snowed in” for the past two days, and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ll post pictures and more on our snow adventure later!

2. House Progress: You know you’re an adult when you get excited about hardwoods, and brick colors, and hardy siding. We’re getting ready to get really geared up with our house plans, and I am so beyond excited. I feel like a kid at Christmas. Last weekend we picked out our hardwood floors and John brought home siding colors to choose from. I’m so thankful that building houses is his career, it makes this process so much more smooth. I don’t know where I would be without his knowledge on this stuff! Our plans are finally finished and have been sent to the engineer. We found a floor plan online, and then customized it to our liking. I cannot tell you how excited it is to see your vision come to life in the final plans. I’m so thankful for this little rent home we have, but I am so ready to be home.

3. Valentine’s Day. Landon didn’t have preschool yesterday because of the snow, which means no valentines party or valentines to hand out. I’m sure they’ll have it this coming week- but I was super excited for him to celebrate that day. We don’t go all out for Valentines, simple cards, strawberry muffins, and a nice dinner at some point. Landon and I spent some time making John’s cards this afternoon because 1. homemade is better and 2. I am a total slacker wife and never stopped by to pick out cards for him. Does anyone else loathe reading through all those cards searching for the perfect one? I know, I’m a scrooge.

4. We’re totally getting in to the age where we have to watch EVERYTHING we say around Landon. This week he added “shoot” and “crap” to his vocabulary. I know they’re not horrible words, but hearing them come out of your toddlers mouth really makes you think about the things that come out of your own mouth. This morning he dropped his marker on the floor and said “Shoot!” Oy. Thank you Landon for showing mommy where she needs to improve herself. Because lemme tell ya, that is exactly what I do when I drop something.

5. To me, the first signs of spring are daffodils and college baseball. I haven’t seen any daffodils yet, but today marks the opening day of college baseball and that makes me SO happy. I have no desire to go to a baseball field while there’s still atleast five inches of snow left to melt, but it makes me excited that warmer days are in our future. Its just over 4 weeks until the first day of Spring!

and just like that, I fell off the wagon..

The Project 365 Wagon, that is. You may remember that at the beginning of the year I decided to give it a try. It seemed pretty easy,  a photo a day and post them all once a week to document a year in our life. I started out pretty strong, three weeks and 21 pictures and I was rolling along without a hitch. But then? I just stopped. I couldn’t do it one night, and then one night turned into several nights and here we are six weeks into 2014 and I haven’t posted in three weeks. But you know what? I’m okay with it. Sometimes I have to say no to certain things. Sometimes I can’t be perfect. Sometimes I need balance, and project 365 was something that didn’t make the cut.

This whole motherhood thing, its all about balance. As a nurse, I am taught to prioritize like crazy. I take care of the most critical situation first and leave the non-critical things for the ends. And I’m learning that life is just the same. I’m learning that my house will never be spotless, but it will be fully of memories and messes. I’m learning that I will not have perfectly Pinterest Valentine’s cards for Landon, but rather the store bought ones that work just as well and make him just as happy. I’m learning that I may have 3 loads of laundry on any given day that just sit in the basket waiting to be folded and put away. And its all okay.

Its okay because there are not enough hours in the day for me to love on my family and do everything else. Sometimes things have to get put on the back burner. If I have a choice of snuggling on the couch while it snows outside or having a few sacred quiet minutes to read a book, you better believe that I am going to do that over laundry or photography any day. Why? Because it is what my soul needs. My soul needs down time, my soul needs space to breath. Commitments, schedules, and to do lists just do not allow for the breathing room that I need so desperately. The past two snow days are the perfect example. My house is a disaster and there are twenty billion things I need to get done, but sledding, snowman making, and watching my son enjoy his first snow are my top priority. You know they saying “babies don’t keep?” Well, the same is true for two year olds. And I don’t want to miss a minute of it, so other things will just have to wait….


Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday

I’ve been waiting all week for Friday afternoon. We went out of town last weekend, and I always feel so disorganized coming back from a trip and trying to get back into the swing of things. Monday night when we got home, Landon wasn’t feeling well at all, which has continued through the rest of this week. Its just been one of those weeks where I do the bare minimum that needs to be done, and put the rest off until the weekend. I have about thirty billion thoughts running around in my head…so why share for Five on Friday?

1. Landon got his first Scholastic book order in this week from preschool. I’m pretty sure I was way more excited than he was. I LOVED when the book fair came to our school growing up, so a few weeks ago when we got the order form for Landon, I placed our order. Even though we are only a month into this preschool thing, I love it so far. Landon has transitioned beautifully and after a few tearful mornings, he now goes into the classroom without any issue. Another thing that I get excited about? Valentines cards! I need to get those together this weekend so they will be ready for him on Thursday morning. By far one of the neatest things about being a parent is reliving the excitement about things like scholastic book fairs and valentines day parties.

2. Zulily. Can I just say how much I love this website/app? I find tons of neat things for Landon for super cheap. From swim trunks, to shoes, to lunch box containers- it never fails. My favorite thing? That I don’t have to drive to a store to do the shopping.

3. Landon came down with a nasty little cold this week, which means there’s been a lot of sleepless nights, or him sleeping in our bed. He’s been super clingy to me, which I love, don’t get me wrong. But I am pooped. So today I’m totally following the “sleep when baby sleeps” rule. Even if said baby is two years old…mama needs a nap.

4. Superbowl 48…hello let down. What a bummer of a football game, right? I was totally pulling for the Broncos, but I’m not all together upset that the Seahawks won. A guy I went to high school with plays for their offensive line.

5. Sochi Olympics…another semi-letdown even if its just started. I mean really, who ever thought that the Olympics in Russia would be a good idea? So far its a disaster, and we’re just now having opening ceremonies. On the upside- I am super excited to watch some bobsledding, snowboarding, and John’s favorite, curling. I also love the tradition and patriotism that comes with the Olympics. I love that despite the turmoil our world has, these athletes set it aside for a few weeks.


So there you have it, my quick, random, five on friday….now its time for a nap :)

snow day 2014

I’m a little late in posting this, but I wanted to document our snow day here in North Carolina. Snow isn’t something we get every winter around here so its always something to get excited about. The last time I remember a significant snow was five years ago, and prior to that, probably when I was in high school. This wasn’t technically Landon’s first snow, but it was the first significant one. February 2012 when he was three months old we had a few flurries, and last year we had a few flurries, but nothing ever stuck to the ground. So when the weather channel was predicting a few inches in our area, I started getting my hopes up. For once, they were right!


We started getting snow around 2pm on Tuesday afternoon and within an hour everything was turning white. We left work early to get home before our country roads got too slippery. Its the South, we just don’t drive in ice and snow everyday! I personally get anxiety about driving in bad conditions, so I was ready to get home and stay home where it was safe. As soon as we got home, I bundled Landon and myself up and we headed outside before it got too dark. He really wasn’t too sure about it, but enjoyed walking around. Everything was great until he tripped,fell down and his hands got cold (because he refused to wear gloves), which turned into the biggest meltdown ever because his hands hurt. Poor little guy!
  20140127-20140127-DSC_0612  20140127-20140127-DSC_0606

Wednesday I was lucky enough that our office closed and I could stay home with Landon. After breakfast, we piled on the layers and went for a walk in our neighborhood where I was hoping to get some good pictures of him. However, he still refused to wear his gloves and about five minutes into our walk he fell down again and had another meltdown over his cold hands. I don’t blame him, I’m sure they hurt! We spent the rest of the day snuggling inside watching Chuggington DVD’s and waiting on daddy to get home.


Although he didn’t love the snow as much as I had hoped, it was still a fun day and I will always be grateful for a day at home with my baby. Now that we’ve had our taste of snow? I’m ready for spring…bring on 70 degree weather and baseball season!

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