Friday, February 14, 2014

five on friday

1. If you follow me on Instagram (@katiemperdue), you know that we were hit by snow storm Pax this week. Which means we’ve been “snowed in” for the past two days, and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ll post pictures and more on our snow adventure later!

2. House Progress: You know you’re an adult when you get excited about hardwoods, and brick colors, and hardy siding. We’re getting ready to get really geared up with our house plans, and I am so beyond excited. I feel like a kid at Christmas. Last weekend we picked out our hardwood floors and John brought home siding colors to choose from. I’m so thankful that building houses is his career, it makes this process so much more smooth. I don’t know where I would be without his knowledge on this stuff! Our plans are finally finished and have been sent to the engineer. We found a floor plan online, and then customized it to our liking. I cannot tell you how excited it is to see your vision come to life in the final plans. I’m so thankful for this little rent home we have, but I am so ready to be home.

3. Valentine’s Day. Landon didn’t have preschool yesterday because of the snow, which means no valentines party or valentines to hand out. I’m sure they’ll have it this coming week- but I was super excited for him to celebrate that day. We don’t go all out for Valentines, simple cards, strawberry muffins, and a nice dinner at some point. Landon and I spent some time making John’s cards this afternoon because 1. homemade is better and 2. I am a total slacker wife and never stopped by to pick out cards for him. Does anyone else loathe reading through all those cards searching for the perfect one? I know, I’m a scrooge.

4. We’re totally getting in to the age where we have to watch EVERYTHING we say around Landon. This week he added “shoot” and “crap” to his vocabulary. I know they’re not horrible words, but hearing them come out of your toddlers mouth really makes you think about the things that come out of your own mouth. This morning he dropped his marker on the floor and said “Shoot!” Oy. Thank you Landon for showing mommy where she needs to improve herself. Because lemme tell ya, that is exactly what I do when I drop something.

5. To me, the first signs of spring are daffodils and college baseball. I haven’t seen any daffodils yet, but today marks the opening day of college baseball and that makes me SO happy. I have no desire to go to a baseball field while there’s still atleast five inches of snow left to melt, but it makes me excited that warmer days are in our future. Its just over 4 weeks until the first day of Spring!

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