Friday, February 7, 2014

snow day 2014

I’m a little late in posting this, but I wanted to document our snow day here in North Carolina. Snow isn’t something we get every winter around here so its always something to get excited about. The last time I remember a significant snow was five years ago, and prior to that, probably when I was in high school. This wasn’t technically Landon’s first snow, but it was the first significant one. February 2012 when he was three months old we had a few flurries, and last year we had a few flurries, but nothing ever stuck to the ground. So when the weather channel was predicting a few inches in our area, I started getting my hopes up. For once, they were right!


We started getting snow around 2pm on Tuesday afternoon and within an hour everything was turning white. We left work early to get home before our country roads got too slippery. Its the South, we just don’t drive in ice and snow everyday! I personally get anxiety about driving in bad conditions, so I was ready to get home and stay home where it was safe. As soon as we got home, I bundled Landon and myself up and we headed outside before it got too dark. He really wasn’t too sure about it, but enjoyed walking around. Everything was great until he tripped,fell down and his hands got cold (because he refused to wear gloves), which turned into the biggest meltdown ever because his hands hurt. Poor little guy!
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Wednesday I was lucky enough that our office closed and I could stay home with Landon. After breakfast, we piled on the layers and went for a walk in our neighborhood where I was hoping to get some good pictures of him. However, he still refused to wear his gloves and about five minutes into our walk he fell down again and had another meltdown over his cold hands. I don’t blame him, I’m sure they hurt! We spent the rest of the day snuggling inside watching Chuggington DVD’s and waiting on daddy to get home.


Although he didn’t love the snow as much as I had hoped, it was still a fun day and I will always be grateful for a day at home with my baby. Now that we’ve had our taste of snow? I’m ready for spring…bring on 70 degree weather and baseball season!

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