Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

ONE| I have been loving these sweet little handprint crafts that Landon brings home from preschool. They're such great keepsakes of how teeny his hands are at this age! This one he brought home on Thursday.
TWO| Silly selfies with mama. I love this boy :)

THREE| Despite the cold temps, I've been keeping fresh flowers on our kitchen table. These daisies are currently there. Just a little taste of spring until the weather finally decides to cooperate!

FOUR| I've started a new  bible study with a group of girls. We're doing this Beth Moore study on Esther and let me tell you- its got some great stuff. I've loved getting to know some new ladies and form some new friendships. I also have loved having weekly time to fellowship and get out of the house. I look forward to Wednesday nights each week!

FIVE| Just a silly picture from this week. This is a nightly routine when John gets home from work. We all head upstairs and John, Landon and Josie usually end up rough housing on the bed for a few minutes before dinner. They crack me up playing- and Landon is fearless!
I decided to randomly take today off and hang out with Landon- so today is an extra happy Friday. :) Here's to staying our pajamas all day and being lazy!


  1. That is such a cute handprint craft! Jackson brings home so many cute crafts from school and I love it!! Good for you for taking a day to relax... enjoy it and have a great weekend!

  2. love the little hand prints! so special


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