Sunday, May 11, 2014

motherhood is

Motherhood is sweet sleepy newborns, and yawns, and tiny wrinkled feet.

Motherhood is sleepless nights, and early morning nursing sessions, and pumping despite how badly you dread it.

Motherhood is a lot of laundry, and a lot of toys, and a lot of sippy cups.

Motherhood is watching your baby roll over for the first time, crawl for the first time, and then take those first steps and feeling so proud your heart could burst.

Motherhood is watching him walk confidently into his first day of preschool and soar in his class.

Motherhood is drying sweet tears, calming fears, and kissing skinned knees.

Motherhood is curling up in a toddler bed that is two sizes too small for you to fit in, but doing it anyways because your son insists that he “s-uggle mommy” at bedtime.

Motherhood is saying no less than fifteen times every morning “Landon, eat your waffles, we need to leave!” To get out the door in time for preschool and work.

Motherhood is literally catching your child’s vomit in your own to hands.

Motherhood is living off a lot less sleep and a lot more coffee than you thought you were capable of.

Motherhood is knowing that there is beauty in the imperfect, in the messes, in the mass amounts of matchbox cars that accumulate on the living room floor, and in the never ending laundry.

Motherhood is knowing that repeating yourself forty billion times a day and “stop doing that” fifty billion times a day take more patience than you ever knew you had.

Motherhood is knowing that that patience comes from something Greater, and relying on Him each day.

Motherhood is grace. A whole lot of it. And knowing that we all need it from time to time, and have a Father that gives it so freely when we need it so desperately.

Motherhood is truly having your heart live on the outside of your body.

Motherhood is getting to be a part of something far greater than you ever could have imagined for yourself.

Motherhood is knowing that you were chosen to love this child, raise this child, and eventually let this child go to be a part of this world and trust that God has him in the palm of His hand.

Motherhood the greatest adventure, the greatest challenge, and the greatest joy all wrapped into one little human.


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  1. So beautifully said my friend! Love this photo of you and Landon! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!


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