Saturday, June 14, 2014

black and white photography

I have been really slack about picking up my DSLR these past few months. I always have it with me for the “big events” but rarely use it during the day to day. I easily get frustrated trying to catch pictures of Landon because it is an act of congress to get a decent shot. Either he’s a big blur because he’s running away from me, or he REFUSES to look at the camera and smile. I’m not above bribing him when need be (like for his last day of preschool picture), but I’d love to catch him playing and not have to feel like I’ve run a marathon to maybe get one shot of him. :) Any other toddler mamas know how I’m feeling?

I decided this week to pick up the camera again and attempt to work on editing. If I can’t photograph right now, at least I can work on my editing skills, starting with black and white conversions. I’ve never been great at black and white conversions. I don’t use presets, just because I don’t want to pay for them and haven’t found any great free ones. So that leaves me to actually learn how to use all those sliders in Lightroom and know what I’m doing! :)

I snagged these shots of Landon playing with his trucks and trailer the other afternoon. He is OBSESSED with toys like this right now. Any truck with a trailer is his favorite, and he spends hours loading and unloading things off the back.  You can see the before and after images.





They’re nothing spectacular, but I definitely have a better understanding of converting my images to black and white now. Learning Lightroom has taken some time, but it really is so easy to use and produces great results.  One of the best resources I can recommend for black and white images is this tutorial from Courtney @ Click It Up A Notch. I learn so much from her website and her tutorials! Usually when I have a question about editing or photography, I head over to her website and can usually find some kind of tip or trick to help me out. So thank you, Courtney!

This summer I’m really hoping to pick up the DSLR more, and be more intentional about my photography. It is a hobby I love so much and definitely wish I spent more time on! Hopefully there will be more frequent posting here also… we’ll see :)

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