Monday, June 2, 2014

B’s 85th Birthday

Our family has some pretty big milestones to celebrate this year- we have four people that turn 30, my mom turns 60, and both my grandmothers celebrate their 85th and 90th birthdays. A few weeks ago after talking to my grandmother, who we call “B,”  we decided to plan a family get together/birthday celebration for her. My aunt and uncle have just returned to North Carolina after living in Key Largo for a little over a year, and so it was a perfect excuse to get the whole family together. It felt like Thanksgiving in May! Our cousin Bryn even surprised us by flying in from New York for the occasion. It was such a sweet afternoon spent laughing and catching up with each other. The last time we were all together was for my sister’s wedding, and that was two years ago. I’m so thankful for family, for my cousins, and that even though we don’t see each other frequently, we never miss a beat when we get back together. And I’m super thankful for B- she amazes me at how independent and healthy she is at 85. Happy Birthday B! We love you and were so glad to celebrate with you this weekend.


photo 1 photo 2

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  1. wow! y'all look a lot alike! What a great celebration, and great pictures to document it!


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