Sunday, June 15, 2014

dear john

Dear John,

I’m pretty sure that I don’t take the time to tell you how important you are to me often enough. So today, on your third father’s day, I figured write down some thoughts and let you know just how special you are to this little family of ours. Because you are. I know that in the chaos of the day to day sometimes you may think I don’t see how hard you work for us, or all you do. Sometimes the words “thank you” aren’t said enough, and for that I’m sorry. Its so easy to get wrapped up in the day in and day out of life. We wake up and hurry to get out the door quickly telling each other to have a good day as we’re pulling out of the drive way,  and as soon as we’re both home its full steam ahead until bedtime. Which usually results in me falling asleep all too fast and us hardly having time to have real conversation or catch up.

I want you to know how lucky I feel that you are the man that the Lord chose for me. I knew you’d make an incredible husband, I knew you would love me and care for me and support me forever. But more importantly, I knew you’d be the most amazing father to our kids, and I was right. Watching you and Landon is the best thing in the world- and makes me so incredibly happy. I love hearing the conversations that the two of you have. I love that as soon as you pull in the driveway you pull right back out letting him “drive your truck” in the neighborhood each evening. I love that you take him to get the lawnmower and trailer each week and let him help you so he feels like he’s involved. I love that you make him belly laugh like no one else can. I love that you gave him all of your childhood trucks and tractors, which he plays with constantly. I love that you took him fishing when I went to bible study each Wednesday night, and were so excited when he caught his first fish. And I love that you let that little booger hijack ever shower you’ve taken for the past year and half because he insists on “take a baf too!” I love watching you be his dad, and I love the bond the two of you share. It’s the most beautiful thing to watch.


Landon is the luckiest little boy to have such a great daddy :)

We love you more than words can say- and are so thankful to have you. Happy Happy Happy Father’s Day!

Love, Us.

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