Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bald Head Island | Part 1

I think I just need to come to terms with the fact that 2014 is the year that I completely slack on keeping up with my blog. That said, I'm determined to document our lives and keep this blog rolling as a memory keeper for my family!

Last week we packed our bags and headed east to Bald Head Island, NC for a few days of vacation and some sunshine. My sister in law, brother in law, niece, nephew and mother in law were already on the island a few days prior to us, so we drove down to meet up with them and enjoy a long weekend of beach fun. Our first trip to Bald Head was for our 2nd anniversary weekend, and we loved it. If you have never been and are looking for a North Carolina vacation I would point you there (of many places). The beauty of Bald Head is that you cannot take your car with you, which in a way forces you to slow down and soak in your time there. There are golf carts, bikes, or boats as your forms of transportation and you arrive there by passenger ferry.

Every time we visit Bald Head I am reminded of what a beautiful state we live in. The lighthouses, the beautiful beaches, and the old towering oak trees hanging over the roads are some of my favorite things about this state.

We left Wednesday after a half day at work, ate dinner in our favorite coastal town of Southport, NC, and then hopped on the 8pm ferry over to the island for 3 full days of sand and sun. It was glorious. My soul needed some sunshine, gorgeous blue water, and sand in my toes.  Landon thankfully is a great beach baby and absolutely loved playing in the sand with his shovels and trucks and jumping waves with John. He is so fearless about the ocean, as he is with most things in life. And while the mom in me holds my breath praying nothing happens or no creatures with fins appear, the other side of me absolutely loves that my little 2 year old has this sense of adventure and freedom. Me? on a good day, I may wade out to waste deep in the water. But its not long before the fear of crabs, jellyfish, or worse creeps into my mind and I high tail it back to my chair in the surf.

Our days were slow and easy. We slept in, ate breakfast and made our way over the dunes to the ocean each morning. Ate lunch under the tent, dug holes in the sand, and watched our babies run free on the sand. Mid afternoon we would head home so the two little boys could nap, and we would ride bikes or swim or shower and relax some more. We would eat dinner and then hop on the golf cart to explore the island, play on the beach for a few more minutes, grab some ice cream, and then head home for bedtime.

It really was a beautiful three days on the island, and as always it was hard to come home. After one last lunch at the Provision Company, we loaded up the car and started home.

Warning- there's a ton of pictures. I take tons of pictures on our vacations and had a hard time deciding how to post these. So there will be a second post! Enjoy!

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