Tuesday, July 15, 2014

pool days

Growing up, I remember practically living at the pool near our house. I remember waking up, watching Saved By The Bell and eating our breakfast, and then packing our bags and cooler to head to the pool. We would spend all day there, sometimes even staying out there for dinner. We knew all the lifeguards by name and they knew us. We would build forts out of the lounge chairs and play Shark in the deep end of the pool. Break time seemed to last forever and swim time seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye.

From as early as I can remember we were involved in swim lessons. Our summers were spent in water of some sort, be it the pool, beach or lake. Once I got into high school, I started looking for a job and decided to become a lifeguard. During summer break I spent Monday through Friday 8-5 (and sometimes later), lifeguarding on the lake for summer sailing and wake boarding camps on Lake Norman. I loved every minute of it.

Thanks to my childhood, I knew before we even had kids that I wanted them to be little water babies. We joined the local pool and go to the beach every chance we get, and thankfully Landon loves the water. Lately, every Friday night, and Saturday and Sunday afternoon are spent at the pool. These North Carolina summer days are insanely hot and humid, and its so nice to be able to pack our pool bag and snacks and go swimming. Every time we are there I can't help but think that we're forming Landon's summer memories. I laugh now because the lifeguards seem so young- but as a kid they were what we looked up to and wanted to be like.  I can only hope that Landon looks back on his childhood and has sweet memories of going to the pool and soaking in the goodness of summer.

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  1. I have such fond memories of pool days as a kid too! Jonah is definitely a water baby! I love it, but this summer it's a little tiring for this ever-growing mama. We head to the beach this weekend for a few short days, but hoping we can cram in some good memories as well. I am a little leery of how I'll do since we are a bunch of people sharing a small space, but I'm going to try to be a trooper!


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