Saturday, July 19, 2014

the joys of potty training

Two weeks ago, I decided to start potty training Landon. He's been showing some interested for some time, and I really wanted to train him over the summer while he wasn't in preschool and I could have the help of my mom and mother in law since they are watching him this summer. I also wanted him to be mostly potty trained by our beach trip in mid August, just so I didn't have to pack diapers or worry about changing sandy diapers on the beach. 

I decided the weekend of July 4th would be the best opportunity, because it was a three day weekend and I would have more time to focus on it versus a regular weekend. Friday we went to the pool and a baseball game, so we really didn't start until Saturday. I made no plans for the weekend other than staying home and running to the bathroom every 30 minutes. 

I stocked up on undies, pull ups, and M&M's and we just stopped using diapers cold turkey. You like how I said cold turkey as if we were addicted to them or something? The truth is, we were. Every parent is. We complain about changing dirty diapers and how nice it will be when we don't have to spend that money each month, but then as soon as we start potty training we start to miss them. Running errands is not so simple anymore, there are more messes and accidents to clean up than we care to admit, and frankly, its just downright hard to potty train a child. 

The first week was rough, I will be the first to admit. There were accidents every five minutes it seemed, and I felt like I was back on an inpatient unit at the hospital wiping hineys and cleaning up puddles of peepee. Our biggest struggle was getting him away from his toys to go potty for two seconds. He simply didn't want to stop what he was doing to bother. 

I read tons about the "three day method" of potty training, and thought that maybe by day 3 he would have it down pat. But the truth is, he didn't, and it took a lot longer. Kudos to all the moms out there that it worked for, it just didn't for us. We took the route of using regular undies during the day, and pull ups during nap and nighttime. Also, if we were out for several hours or driving somewhere outside of the immediate area, we wore pull ups- just to avoid a mess in public. I have also continued using swim diapers simply to avoid any Code Brown's in the pool, if ya know what I mean. It would be my luck that the day I stop using swim diapers we have to evacuate the pool. :)

Two weeks later, we are pretty much accident free. We still haven't ventured out much, but thats just because our weekdays are mostly work and then home to eat/relax/play outside. Landon does GREAT at home, in a controlled environment where the potty is close- but going out is a little trickier and he sometimes doesn't remember to ask to go potty. It's a process. It's by far the hardest transition/milestone we've made so far. I have no tips or tricks to offer any other moms on how to potty train, other than once you start, you have to keep going with it and be consistent. And be patient. 

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