Monday, August 25, 2014

Landon's 1st Day of Preschool

If there's anything I have learned since becoming a parent of a preschooler, its that the excitement of the first day never goes away. I never really anticipated feeling anxious or excited for Landon to go to school, but its almost like de ja vu all over again the night before. Just like I did as a kid, I toss and turn just the same. I go over my mental check list in my head making sure I haven't forgotten anything in his backpack or lunch box. I worry about oversleeping or allowing enough time for traffic and drop off. That excitement never goes away apparently, it just changes a little as you are the parent now instead of the student.

Last night was no different, and the morning of course didn't go as planned. Landon is a complete grinch in the morning and its always a struggle to get him up, feed him breakfast, and get him out the door without tears being shed by one or both of us. He simply doesn't do mornings well, and as much as I hate to admit it, he gets it from me. I already dread the day he is 15 and has a teenage attitude to back up his morning grouchy-ness. After battling over which shoes he wanted to wear, what he wanted for breakfast and the fact that it took forever for him to wake up, we made it out the door an to the preschool.

He actually agreed to let me take his picture on the steps out front, after fiercely refusing to take one in our front yard a mere 10 minutes prior. I have no idea what made him agreeable for those five minutes, but I took what I could get and actually got a couple decent pictures out of him before we headed in to his classroom. As soon as we hung up his backpack he realized what was going on and started tearing up and clinging to me for dear life. I would like to hope that one day he will confidently walk into the room and never turn back to look at me, but I'm just not sure that day will happen for him....not until he is a teenager and way too cool for mom. Never the less, we made the drop off/hand off and I rushed out the door to get to work on time.

This year Landon is in the same classroom he was in from January to May. Since he is still 2.5, he stays in the 2/3 year old class. We did switch him from Tuesday/Thursday to MWF classes, but he still has the same teacher, which I am so thankful for. I think the consistency is great for him for one more year and I think 3 days a week will hopefully get him more used to the schedule and environment.

I called later that morning to check on him, and of course he was doing great. And when I went to pick him up from the sitter's house she said all he could talk about was playing on the playground, coloring a picture, and lining up in the hallway to go outside. He had the best day and was all smiles all afternoon.

It may have been a rough start, but day one of preschool is in the books and I will declare it a success.

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  1. He is such a sweetie! Hope the tears diminish as the days progress. I'm anxious for Luke to start this year!!


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