Sunday, August 3, 2014

the sweet spot of summer

It happens every. single. year. August rolls around, rumblings of football games are being heard and there is already less humidity in the air. We start thinking about fall wardrobes and preschool schedules and nearing the last day the pool is open. Every year, it seems like right about the time August gets here and fall is creeping in, we are just hitting the sweet spot of summer. We've fallen into our routines of warm summer evenings at the pool, and trips to the farmers market, and beach trips. We are soaking in the goodness of summer one sweet drop at a time. It always, always makes me a little sad. I love fall, I love all the goodness it brings, but I just want to hold on to dear life to summer and all it offers. Our summer has been beautiful, and full, and fun. We've lived it, and breathed it, and loved it.

This Saturday, we head to the beach for our week long vacation. I cannot wait for a few days to relax, and soak in the last days of summer in one of my favorite places ever. When we come back, we have just one short week until Landon starts preschool again and we get ready for fall. It's so hard to believe its already this late in the year! Fall may be just around the corner, but for now I think I'll soak in this sweet spot for just a little while longer. 

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