Sunday, September 14, 2014

house update | 2

Things are really coming together with the house- last week we started framing and it was estimated that it would take the work crew 3 weeks to complete the house, however it looks like they will be finished in half the time. I am so thankful for this crew of men that have worked so hard over the past week to get our house framed. And let me tell you, it is beyond exciting to drive out there each night and see the progress. I could spend hours pouring over those wood framed walls dreaming how how its going to look when it is finished. 

No, I don't normally wear a dress and sandals to a construction site, but we stopped by last Sunday after church for a few minutes and I snapped this picture. This is taken in the space where my kitchen sink will be. I frequently find myself wandering over to the area, knowing it will be a space I spend quite a bit of time at. I kind of consider it the center of the house, as it is where you can see into the living room and the breakfast area at the same time. I also have a gorgeous view of the pond from my kitchen so that should make cooking supper a little more enjoyable. :)

Currently my evenings are spent in the kitchen- preparing supper, cleaning up the mess, and packing mine and Landon's lunches for the next day. Our house we live in now has a tiny galley kitchen that is separated from the living room, and so I feel disconnected from John and Landon when they are watching television or playing and I am still working in the kitchen. The new house has an open floor plan, so gone will be the days of me feeling separated from the rest of the family. I will get to stand at my kitchen sink/island and interact with them in the living room all at the same time! It sounds silly, but it really is a big deal and was a huge factor in deciding what floor plan we were looking for. 

These two pictures are the back of the living room and the breakfast area. Tons of windows and lots of light!

It doesn't look terribly spectacular, but this is the view from Landon's bedroom window. The sun sets right over those trees and it is absolutely gorgeous in the evening. 

The back of the house (above) has a covered porch and fireplace, and we will add a deck off the porch for entertaining and more outdoor living. I fully intend on drinking Saturday morning coffee on that covered porch and John fully intends on spending every cool fall evening by the fireplace outside. This space was so important to us, especially since both of the homes we have lived in since getting married have had zero outdoor space. No yard, no nice sitting area, nothing. I know we will spend a ton of time sitting on that porch watching the world go by and watching our kids play in the backyard. 

The front of the house (below) has changed even since I took this picture- but it has a covered porch as well and two huge dormer windows. 

We love, love, love, how things are turning out and are so thankful to have a crew that knows what they are doing and are doing it well, not to mention are completing the task in half the amount of time.  

Up next will be electrical work, plumbing, and windows/doors! 

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